January 7th, 2003


This group is falling apart...

Another Otaru replacement dropped out again. I can only hope and pray my little brother can make it to Ushi. I know I can rely on him. If he says he'll do somthing, he's good on his word.
I'm really glad the drop-out let me know that he had absolutely no interest in the project NOW, and not later. At least he was being honest... but really, what's worse?
Someone admitting that they can't help out, or someone SAYING they'll help out just for the sake of agreeing, and then dropping out later? It's like someone giving you somthing really cool that you've always wanted, and then turning around saying they want it back because they changed their mind. This was not the way my parents brought me up, so I guess I have trouble understanding that kind of thing somtimes.

In any case... this is where I feel the group stands:

Integral: Costume is 98% complete. Will be ready.
Mako: Finished with her costume. Has a few things to tweak.
Ringo: Has a lot of work to do, but can most likely get it all done in time.
Our Ieyasu: Not happening. Not enough time.
Our Hanagata: Hasn't even started yet.. may not have the money to.
Our Marine: Not going to happen. There's just not enough time.
Our Otaru: What fucking Otaru? I feel that making that costume has been a SUPREME waste of time. Like hell if I'm putting up ANY fucking money to get that goddamn cotume finished. Shit... I AM GOING TO WEAR IT MY-FUCKING-SELF FOR A DAY JUST SO MY HARD WORK DIDN'T GO TO WASTE. I ruined my favorite pair of pajama pants making that costume.
Other members?: There were going to be others.. but people we had little contact with, so I'm not counting on anything there.

In other words, there is no Sabre J group. There will be one or two individuals in Sabre J costumes, but that does not constitute a group. ARRRRRGH!
I think a certain someone was very right about guys being unreliable flakey bastards.

In more cheerful news, though....
If Goat makes it over, I fully intend to do some fiberglass work today, despite how dog-tired, dissappointed, angry, and frustrated I am.

In one hand.. I am glad the cosplay droup-out was honest.. but overall, I'm very very dissappointed.
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Tonight's work

Well.. I wasn't able to accomplish what I wanted to today, either. The weather just isn't on my side. Goat and I got the basics of the fiberglass work finished.. but we've been waiting all night, and the fiberglass hasn't set at all! I know I added enough hardener! I added probably a little more than I should have for the ammount of resin I mixed.. but since it's so cold, the fiberglass just isn't setting. Hopefully, it will be set tomorrow. Since I have tomorrow off, if the resin sets, I can hope to trim it, sand it, and get the bondo on there. If I get past the initial parts, I should have enough entusiasm to finish the spikes and get it all finished up. In the mean time, I hope to try and figure out the shoe problem. Maybe hot glue?
I've also been helping Goat with his costume. It's really all I can do right now.
I can't help anyone else with their costumes right now, because there's no one else here for me to help. There are sewing projects that should take top priority, but because of a little thing called distance, I can't help at all, and some people are getting pissed off about it. >..<
FINE THEN! Go be pissy!