January 4th, 2003


News update!

Here's what I got done yesterday:

Nothing really related to costumes XD

I mean.. after I found my slick.. I kinda fizzled out. I'll work on stuff today, though. I should also try and kidnap Goat to hang out. It's fun when he comes over, but it's always kinda creepy... I'll start nodding off on the couch, and he'll take off quietly, b/c he doesn't want to wake me up..
And then when I open my eyes again, there's an empty spot on my couch! I'm always afraid of people in the house, I guess.. so even though Mr. Goat's a freind, I always get creeped out at the fact that someone might be in the house staring at me while I'm asleep in bed! XD I always have to check the house over really well when I wake up like that.
T..T I'm a chicken, I know..

In any case, yesterday, I ironed out lots of financial aid stuff. I have all that taken care of, now. I know when my loans will be consolidated, and I know that I still need to make payments until then. I made a payment yesterday, yay!
IT's the weekend, so I can't do any wedding stuff (unless I start on my dress)
so I'll more than likely work on costumes all day today.
I also most happily found my slick spray yesteday! WHEEE

Of course.. it didn't occur to me until later that a few people might not know what it is >..<
Deviant's slick spray is a specially-formulated silicone blend. It's LIKE a lubricant, but it dries. You spray the polish on dried liquid latex after application to the skin, and it keeps the liquid latex from sticking to itself. That way, you can wear it without worrying about it tearing.
Liquid latex, for those of you who may not know.. it mostly a fetish thing. It's like painting PVC onto your body. Huzzah! lol. In any case... for the Sabre J costume.. I wanted my exposed skin to look like plastic, so I'd look more "mechanical." This also gives me the opportunity to mark the steam vents, etc. on my skin for the costume without having to mark on my skin. It'll look very good, but it's not absolutely nessesary. It IS, however, the extra "edge" I wanted to give my costume, to make it a really good one. Since it's going to go over my breasts and my arms, it's important that I have the slick spray to make CERTAIN it doesn't stick/tear/etc... so now that I have the slick spray, I can proceed as planned. ^..^

Oh! I almost forgot! I still need to put my earrings together for the Bloodberry costume!! I keep forgetting about this, b/c I need to buy some hooks. I hollowed out the things I'm using for the earrings.. so they'll be lighter. I REALLY hope they're not all that heavy when I'm done...

In any case.. Yesterday I also made some MAJOR progress on house cleaning. I emptied out damn near all my remnant bags, organized them, and put them in my new storage bins. This makes me VERY happy, and very hopeful in being able to find an efficient way to keep everything off the kitchen table. As soon as the current Sabre J stuff is taken care of, I'll have another bin to play with, too. (I'm worried about somthing happening to Mako's wig, so I put it in a bin until it could be finished, so it won't get messed up. ^..^

So.. I'm staring at a VERY large shopping bag on the floor. It is, to my knowledge, one of the last bags containing my stuff that hasn't been put in a bin yet. There is a LOT of burgandy velveteen in there for my Millenia costume, as well as a bunch of unidentified stuff. Other than that, there arn't any more bags in the house except for A) Stuff that's not mine and B)a few remnants, and the white satin for my Kozi costume in the spare bedroom

Other things I forgot that I needed to work on:

~~Repairing Silky costume, and fixing the wig. I need to glue some more parts down, and I also need to paint any exposed cardboard. Despite ALL the fuckin hard work I put into it.. it seems that the most-mentioned thing about the costume was the fact that I had forgotten to paint part of the wig. IT's maddening, that I can spend months making the shoulder armor.. have everything PERFECT, and then get so many comments on one mistake with the wig.
Oh yeah.. and I REALLY think I want to put some interfacing in the obi. The obi is gorgeous, but it kept rolling around. I need it to stay stiff, otherwise you really can't see the belt.

~~Finish Otaru gloves. All I need to do is make some red cuffs for the gloves. I think I'll actually sew these to the gloves, since there arn't any belts or anything like that I can use to hide the seams.

So.... today I have high hopes on getting a LOT of the stuff done on the bloodberry costume, (I just remembered that I need to hem the waistbelt, and decide whether or not I want to lengthen it at all)

I haven't decided whether or not I want to work on the fiberglass knuckledusters or not today...
But... if I do that, and go to Lowe's to get my aluminum tubing, there is really no reason I can't have this costume finished today.

Unless a freind visits, though, I really doubt I'll leave the house XD

Oh yeah.. and I have to go to HEB, b/c I can't find any rubber gloves in the house, which means if I'm out, I need to go get more before I can work with fiberglass.

So much to do!

Maybe I'll give out Harry Potter a call. I haven't heard from him in forever!
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Integral weekend update!

The time is 3:46, and the new couch is in place!

My thong-thing is finished! It's not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be O..o (For those of you wondering& not familiar with Sabre J, a white/wilver thong is worn OVER a black bodysuit for this costume)
But it was pretty damn difficult to make without a pattern XP
I did cut up a pair of my old underwear to make it.. but I found out after I'd cut out the spandex two intersting things:

Heavy duty spandex? Tell me why it's only 2-way stretch, and not 4-way, please >..< Made cutting things out interesting, and I had to make it in more peices than I originally planned.

The cut of my underwear and the cut of the thong are different enough to cause problems when fitting XD

In any case.. depending on how much I get finished today, and whether or not I go down to Lowe's, I may or may not have pictures.

I couldn't find silver, so I used white. IT's thick enough that it looks good. I sprayed a remnant silver and it looks like crap, so I'm going with the white.

More to come as I finish more of the costume!
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Rest of the day's work

Headband finished
hair-tie finished
Obi finished

I think.

I'll need to get everything together and see how it looks. I may need to make the hair-tie longer. Dunno yet. Also, I thought I'd need to put interfacing in the headband. I played with some shirting and came to the conclusion that it wasn't nessesary, but the shirting is so thin you can see the seam on the back as a bump on the other side of the headband. May need to remake it, but that won't be that big of a deal.

So, continuing with the to-do list from yesterday and this morning, here's what's left:


~~Finish Ropes. I didn't go out today. I do think that I may have enough shirting scraps to finish this without buying more fabric.. but I definitely need to go out and buy aluminum tubing, or SOMTHING that will work for the shoulder straps.

~~Finish Shoes. I'm thinking about using some red craf foam and rolling it up to make a thong strap. Come to think of it.. I have red craft foam leftover from the red heard I made for my Babbit/Sana "costume" Hmm.. I can still do that tonight....

~~Finish Gloves. Again, somthing I have to hold off until I have the buckles. I don't know where my extra black vinyl is.. but even if I knew where it was, I wouldn't be able to cut the straps without knowing how wide to make them (which is based entirely off the buckles)

~~Make glove spikes

~~Finish earrings. (Can't do this until I have hooks. Have to either go out for that, or wait until Ringo gets back in town and ask her for some)

Other costumes:

~~Silky Repairs. Knowing me... the wig will get painted, and everything else will get forgotten

~~Otaru Glove cuffs. Again, very simple. I COULD do it tonight.. but I think I'm out of regular red thread. I've been cheating by with burgandy from the rabi& machi costumes... Oh well! hahahah IT's going to be easy, regardless. I'm just too lazy to thread a new bobbin

All this brings me to a new shopping list! (This is a weekend for lists, I suppose!)

Jo Ann's
Red thread. A big spool
Interfacing. A LOT. Maybe 4 yards of heavy duty. I don't know. XD I use heavy duty for everything! I never use lightweight or fusable. Always heavy duty!
Orange thread. I THOUGHT I had some from the Sarasa costume. I may be wrong. I may have lost it, or it may have been M's mom's. In any case.. it's amazing how much orange is in Bloodberry, and I've sewn it all with other colors like red and white.. lol. Would be good to have orange. And moer red.

2 aluminum tubes
electrical tape

And that should take care of that.... for now!
Incidentally, I bid on some very nice black boots on ebay. The bottoms are perfect for my Millenia shoes, and I should be able to cover them with my purple suede sheepskin and get the right shape. On the other hand.. I may not have enough sheepskin to do the waist-cincher AND the boots. I really hope I do... but if I don't, it's back to buying tacky purple suede skirts off ebay to cannibalize.
Actually.. a seller has more skins on auction now. Do I feel like paying 30.00 for two more skins? I don't know. Must look around more.. but it's definitely good to know!
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