January 3rd, 2003




Damn near had to turn the house upside down.. but it gave me a chance to sort through my remnants and patterns.

That's not where it was, though!

It was in the bag of paper-mache/fiberglass supplies...

Though how it got there, I may never know. I SWEAR I checked there before...

In any case... this means that there is a chance that I can finish the bloodberry costume and take pictures THIS WEEK!

Here's what I have to do:

~~Finish gloves. For this, I need buckes, though. Ringo bought me tons, so that makes me happy! :D As soon as I have the buckles, I can cut the vinyl belt straps for the gloves, and when that's done, the gloves are finished!

~~Finish shoes. All I need to do this is to make a sandal-thong, and attach it to my heels

~~Make white underwear-things. Thong thing. Nature unknown. I just found some VERY nice heavy-duty extra-white spandex I bought a while back, though, and that makes me happy. I THOUGHT that was what I was using for mytabi.. but apparently it's not, b/c I found a roll of gorgeous heavy duty white spandex a few moments ago

~~Finish "ropes". This takes a bit more work. I need to go to Lowe's and pick up more aluminum tubing. (and some more electrical tape) I also need to make 2 more "socks" for the tubing. After that's done, I need to make the tassles for the ends of the ropes. I'm contemplating putting it all together for a photo. I can't make up my mind.

~~Make headband. This will be easy. I just need to take some of my white shirting scraps, and sew a simple white strip. I even found some more interfacing while I was cleaning, so I can make this today. While I'm at it, I just need to sew one thin strip to go around the rubber bands I'll be putting in my hair to make the really high ponytail

~~Make glove spikes. This will also be pretty simple. DOn't know if I'm going to mess with the fiberglass today, though. All I need to do is make a pair of exaggerated knuckle-dusters& then glue/rivet/firmly attach them to the gloves. I can do this in a day, but it probably won't be today.

Then.. Bloodberry's as good as finished. I'm damn near done!
... then, I get to shave my arms for the liquid latex. XD

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