January 2nd, 2003


Incestuous and weird

I found out today that Miss Khet has a livejournal ^..^ Yay!
I always respected her back when she was on the A-kon BBS a lot, and when I was poking around, I found her LJ. In fact.. there are a LOT Of LJs out there I didn't know about. If I added every single person I admired to my LJ, though, my freinds list would probably be pretty long. There are a lot of cosplayers, etc.. that I've only spoken to a couple of times who have journals... There are so many out there I wish I could get to know better!
I went back (like a stalker.. hahah) and read her reports on her A-kon weekend this past summer. I didn't know that she came up w/Greg, which means she's from Austin, too.. She also seemed very impressed by Mr. Greggo's boots. IT seems like I missed out on a lot when we wandered off! ^..^ We were paired in costume together, but he wandered of for a bit. IT wasn't very long, but I hear stories to this day! (And from people out of the country who didn't go... no less! ^..^ )
I hope everyone had a good holiday. I have my house back now. No more visitors.. and no more procrastinating for me, I suppose. It's a little depressing.. because I guess I still don't understand the concept of a busy life. I want to win the lottery and retire. And I want to know how so many college& highschool kids get to go to conventions all over the country.
In fact.. I think that if I died... I'd probably ask God 2 questions:
What's the real story behind hide's death?
How is it so many people who don't seem like they ought to be able to afford it manage to make it to ALLL the conventions?

I should probably also ask the meaning of life, or somthing like that.. but that doesn't really interest me as much as the above two.

Remember that one skit (I think it was Kids in the Hall.. might have been SNL.. don't remember) where the guy dies and asks St. Peter all these stupid questions? Well.. granted that all that wasn't revealed in a mass epiphany at the time of death.. yeah.. that'd probably be me. I don't know if I'd have the courage to ask "What's the grossest thing I ever ate?" though...
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