December 29th, 2002


Ka-Chink! Ka-Chink! KACHZZACK!

I got my machine back! yay! When I first took it out.. it smelled like they oiled it down really well.. but I was really eager to zap somthing and see how well it sews. I think I'm going to make my shift/ eyelet undergarment for the Millenia costume, since I can probably finish it tonight. I COULD work on my wedding dress... BAH! hahahahah!
I'll do that tomorrow XP
I noticed that the bobbin is STILL winding unevenly, though.... I wonder if they looked at that. They said that I could call.. but it was never a huge problem in the first place. Just an annoyance.
Soo.. I zipped down a test peice of fabric... ooh... I'm in heaven!
It humms along so smoothly now..
All the stitches are nice, tight, and even... there arn't any tension problems near the needle.. I'm so happy! Little Shinbashi is healthy again ^..^
I just had to come and tell everyone about it... (And look at my reference pictures again! I don't think I can use my victorian chemise pattern, b/c I can't have sleeves on it XD)
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