December 26th, 2002


Figuring things out.

Still need to find out how Karen knows "Kazuki" Kazuki was Nataku, before she died. Then the old grandpa "brought her back," by creating Nataku. There really are some things one can't figure out unless they're really fluent. >..<

Kusanagi on Fuuma: "The person i know, rather than to say that he is like me, he is like anyone, and yet no one. it's as if he has given up himself and plays that "someone" the others wish him to. but i don't think that's really a good thing."
(translation taken from One of the best online translation sites I've found
That explains quite a bit about Fuuma. He always seems to want to grant wishes.. which is why he took Subaru's right eye, and why he seems to look like someone else to everyone else.
Subaru-> Seishiro
Nataku-> Kazuki's father
Yuzuriha-> Kusanagi (I had to go searching for this one, b/c I couldn't remember if they'd actually met or not. They did.. breifly in vol. 12, when she was running to meet Kusanagi& bumped into Fuuma)
In any case... As of vol. 18, I still don't think Kamui can make his own kekkai yet.. but Fuuma says that if Kamui learns how to make a kekkai, Fuuma will also gain a new power and get stronger. (Which would make him even more of an evil bastard.)
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I saw LotR: Two Towers today.
All I can say is WOW!
I'm just going to sit and bask in the glory of this film for a while.
No comments just yet ^..^

Incidentally, I'm thinking about doing a great purging of my freinds list soon, b/c it's getting a little crowded.. so, if you're not someone I talk to often (and you guys OUGHT to know who you are :P ) Let me know if you want me to leave you on zee grande freinds list. (Which really only means that I take you off, and you can't read my private rants. Whoopty-doo! XD You can still keep me on yours, I don't mind. hahah XD )
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