May 14th, 2002


Finally done.

Do the horrors never end?
A rather weird artist did a.. uh.. DBZ version of Gackt??? o..O
Uh.. look for yourself
In any case.. finals are almost done. Work on Salt is going well... I want to finish a costume though, damnit! I keep ALMOST finishing things.. I need to finish somthing! I need a hairdryer, too.... >..< Blargh

I need.... sleep
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    Malice Mizer- Beast of Blood


I finally figured out who that cosplayer at Acen was...At least I think it was Acen. Maybe it was Fanime. Anyway.. it was a cosplayer dressed in white w/blonde hair& bandages. My little spidy sense told me it was J-rock..but I thought it was lacking on blood a bit to be Kyo or LaMule.. but, today, I figured out.. it was Kozi ^..^ Talk about obscure cosplay! She certainly did a good job, though
Here's a reference pic: