March 5th, 2002


kokyuu ni karamaru chi no kaori ga koukotsu no yoru ni tadayou...

Spring Break.. or is it?
I don't have class.. or things to turn in.. but I do have to work. Work really isn't all that bad, though. I'm loving it.. sort of. At least.. I've taken a pay cut, but I'm still enjoying it more than foodservice. I make 15 cents less an hour, and I have to pay taxes.. but when I get a raise, it won't be so bad. ^..^

I need to work on costumes some more. I've been spastically posting costume updates in the Paper-Wings livejournal b/c it's easier to keep costume-related stuff together. So.. Everyone should add LJ user PaperWing to their freinds list.. and you'll get even more rants from Mako, Ringo, and Myself.. hehehe.
Besides.. with costumes on the mind.. that's more of what I tend to post about now a days anyway...

Costume news:
Still need to re-dye shoes
Need to finish shoulder pads
Actual cloth part of costume VERY nearly done
Got wig in!!!
Finished bondage-bracelets. They look kickass. Need to finish touch-up paint.. and probably superglue the velcro down. Velcro was working really well until I got the weatherstripping on there. The weather stripping is putting too much stress on the pleather.. so now I need to superglue the velcro down XD
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