February 24th, 2002



Mako, Ringo, and I went to see the Queen of the Damned movie today.

Um.. yeah.

heh. Well.. Mako& I KNEW it would be bad. Ringo, on the other hand, had not read the books, or really known too much about the movie.. so she just knew that we said it was going to be bad.. lol

The music didn't completely suck, and though there were a few things that I completely agreed with, the majority of the movie was out in left field. It was a very surreal experience. Like reading a very VERY bad fanfic. You know& love the characters. Somthing's not right. The characters are ALMOST themselves, and in some cases, very amusing and funny, but for the most part, it's just wrong. XP
Ah well. I'll probably get it used on DVD after it comes out.. heh. gotta love that discount I'm getting at work..

I don't think I'm even going to BOTHER going into how weird that movie was.. and how, if Anne Rice was dead, she'd be turning over in her grave :P I wonder when the next book is coming out. Granted, they've just kinda been.. well... crappy.. lately.. Lestat is back. If she keeps him in character, the books may get good again.

BTW, Jess- I'm working at Hastings now! I too, have joined the club of people that work at places where videos are rented XP

I started last week, but I trained the week before that. Somthing weird happened yesterday, though.
I was 12.17 cents OVER in credit cards! How do you end up OVER in credit cards???? No one quite understands it, really... -..-** But I'm fairly certain I won't get fired over it. :P

Since I've been working so much, and relying upon Mako and Lauren for rides to work& stuff, they've been spending a lot of time over here. Because of that, we've made some awesome headway in costumes. Mako& Lauren both finished some kick-ass costumes for the Friday of A-kon... and we got more done on Silky. The outfit itself is nearly done. After that, it's all in the accessories. I need to finish the shoulder pads yet, but to do that, I need to get some turpentine& a brush to use w/the fiberglass. I also need to go have some strapping young man mix some paint up for me so I get it to match the color of my dress exactly. -..-** I'd much rather use spray paint, but for the life of me, I can't seem to match colors. SuX0R~!
Anyways.. It'll get done. I hope to make very awesome shoulder pads. This has been a great joint costume, and after ranting and getting some worries off my chest, everything's been going wonderfully. Ringo's been very kind& helpful in teaching me how to do basic sewing things (like gathering, though I messed it up& snapped the string.. ehhhh) and Mako's been very patient with my questions. I ask a lot of silly questions in regards to sewing, and I've confused everyone else more than once XD ah!

In any case.. what I really need to be doing is working on my essay for East Asian Philosophy instead of putzing around on the internet. I know it will help if I get off the computer.. but I'll probably end up playing some more Dark Cloud or FFX. No matter how much I enjoy a game, I haven't finished one since FFVII. I keep getting all the way to the end of the game, and then getting bored with the side-quests. But.. you can't really beat the game easily w/o all the good items from the side quests.. so I never really finish a game XD
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I lost an auction for THIS... I'm kinda sad :( But.. then again.. if I'd WON the auction.. I would be very poor right now
XD But... But... AHHH! ^..^
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