February 16th, 2002


Why are you doing this? you ask...

The Hall Costume Contest:


12pm - 3pm Friday
12pm - 3pm Saturday

Cosplay event on Sat:
At 5:30 p.m. on Saturday it's time to lineup for pre-judging in the main hall, doors will be shut at 6. With all the traffic at the con during 'prime time' it's not suggested you even *try* to return to your rooms for forgotten items, to drop off bags, etc. Take care of this before 5:30 Saturday because once those doors close, they're closed.

Arrive at A-kon& check into hotel room by 11:30 am at the latest.
Wear Silky from 12:00-3:00 at the least on Friday. Maybe more
Assuming the J-rock festivities don't start until 6 or so.. that give me equal halves of the day as Silky& as Mana.
Then... Rabi all day Sat
CLAMP on Sun?

I still don't like it.. but it's feasible. Maybe I'll wear Silky ONLY for the hours of Hall cosplay on Fri.. and then wear her again on Sun?
I mean.. we could do the CLAMP thing on Sun.. but as things stand right now, we STILL don't have a 4th for Ohkawa.
Maybe Minako will become possessed by Satan and want to cosplay as Pyocola on Sat with us, and then Ohkawa on Sunday. One can only hope..

If we don't have a 4th for the CLAMP group.. it would be no good to wear the costumes with a partial group.. I mean.. people had a hard enough time trying to figure out who the hell we were supposed to be WITH for people that had CLAMP written in big red letters across their chests... If we only wander around with 3, people are going to
A) still not know who the hell we are
B) the annoying Otaku will badger us to no avail as to why there are only 3 of us when there are 4 members of CLAMP

I've come to the conclusion that we need a 4th.
Anyone? Niko? T..T
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