February 7th, 2002


Fweeb :B

UShicon came and went. And boy was it somthing else.. I'd been meaning to post about it all week now.. but the two times I'd tried to access LJ, it was being squirrely. I have tons of pics.. and I intend to post them sooner or later (More than likely LATER T..T )
But.. I met so many nice people, and had a blast :}
My costumes seemed to go over really well. The Mana costume on Fri. just plain kicked ass. Mako-chan and Ringo-chan did a kickass job on hair& makeup, respectively. And you know... no Mana costume is really complete unless the hair& makeup look good. I only had minor problems with the costume
1) my happy expensive hard-to find lace tights ripped right away (But Mako saved me, and we stiched them together. :D Since it was lacy anyway, you couldn't even tell!)
2) I got my bangs cut specifically for the Rabi costume, and they were about 2 inches too short for Mana bangs. They looked OK anyway.. but kept slipping XD
3) One of the ribbons on my boots (My nifty strappy boots have black ribbon for shoelaces) tore T..T

But.. as you can see. they weren't cateclismically horrible ^..^ My gloves & can-can panties didn't come in, though :/ They came in Monday. Go figure. The people didn't ship them until Feb 1st, when they SAID they'd ship it the day after M-kun called (A week earlier)
Well foo. So..all I have to say about that is..
No matter what kind of neat stuff you find on their website, never never never never! order from Spider's Web! :P (http://www.spookyboutique.com) I think I mentioned it before..but unless you want them to charge you right away and send stuff a month later (for absolutely no good nor explainable reason) don't order from them! :P

So.. everything went really well.. and...

Our Di Gi Charat cosplay group is the icon for Ushicon 2002 on the fan's view page!! KICKASS!

In other happy news.. We made a fansub order today! It was a huge expensive one.. but this is the first time we've actually ordered fansubbs in a long-ass time :} I am happy.
The list:
Kodomo no Omocha Vol. 8&9 (Eps 29-36)
Angelic Layer 1 (1-5)
Argento Soma 1 (1-5)
Di Gi Charat Summer& Christmas specials! wai!
Mammotte Shugogetten Vol 4 (13-16)
Risky/Safety Vol 1&2 1-24
Tales of Eternia 1&2 (1-7)
Ebichu the Hamster 1 (1-4)
Pretear 1&2 (1-8)
Galaxy Angel 1(1-7)
Star Ocean EX 1(1-3)
X TV 1 (1-5)

So yay!
I was going to get X TV 2 (6-10) but for some reason, in the middle of the night, it dissappeared from the fansub page, and nothing was mentioned on the news page. M said I should probably just leave it off, instead of adding it anyway T..T Ah well.. I've got plenty to watch with this.. and the massive ammount of stuff coming in soon from Amazon. (D! D! D! D!)

Other new goodies:
Well.. I got that Pleur CD last week.. but didn't say anything ^..^** It's a 1st press of Pleur's "La premiere porte" that I got second-hand. It definitely has a good home! It's very good. There's this hilarious song called "Gomen-ne Nobel" XD I love it (Nobel being a band member)
But... I also got my order from CD Japan today!
DeG's Kisou (1st press.. hehe)
and Janne da Arc's D-N-A
This makes me very happy b/c I hadn't owned a single Janne album before today.. and they're so kickass.. they deserve all the support I can give :D Ironically.. the day I pre-ordered Kisou was the day the latest JAnne album was released (Sometime last week?) I'm behind.. heh
In any case.. I have TONS of stuff to do.. school is getting rougher T..T
I really want to keep up with everyone.. but I really don't think that's going to happen :/
::huggles:: to everyone! I'll post at least 1 cosplay pic, and/or a link to more later ^..^
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