February 1st, 2002



Today is convention day!
I have karate this morning, as well as Asian Philosophy.. but no worries :D I'll be back home& take a shower, and then I'm off to the convention! Wai! I hope to get out of the shower really quickly so we can take off and be at Ushi after not too long. Then, it's up to the hotel room for a costume change. Hair& Makeup is done for Mana, and I'll be down patroling the halls :} I hope that we get there all in one peice.. and that the costuming doesn't take too long.. b/c I'm really worried that we'll miss out on too much stuff b/c the costume takes too long to put together. Damn mana makeup! ::giggle::
I should let the world know that Mako-chan has been nothing but patient this week. She's an angel! When I was ready to blow up over one thing or another, she's been there to help calm me down :} What a fine assistant pimp! I'm glad I have her as my portable patience... goodness knows I don't have any of my own.. heh
With that said. All my costumes are done. Those bastards at Spider's Web (http://www.spookyboutique.com) haven't managed to get my stuff here yet. x..x Don't order from them! You'll never get your stuff! (I hope it comes in today, though.. I REALLY want the crap we ordered in Dec! There is stuff I need for COSPLAY in there) If not.. that's ok.. b/c I have other plans anyway. I'd just really rather have the more accurate costume. I also hope that a lot of people recognize me. I don't nessesarily need a lot of pictures. I mean.. as long as at leat 5 people come up and recognize my costume (strangers.. lol.. people I know already know I'm doing this!) I'll feel like all this trouble is worth it. I don't think that I'll have any problems with recognition on the Rabi costume, though. It's famous enough that I don't think I'll have to worry about that.
Blah. I wish I didn't have to go to class. The convention's already officially opened.. and I'd rather be there, wandering about in vinyl than going to karate and getting sweaty. >..<
Wish me luck, minna! When I come back, I'll have pictures of a complete mana costume! (Among others.. but still.. heh)
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