December 25th, 2001


On Christmas day in the MOOOORNING

Edward Scissorhands. Now there's quality holiday entertainment. Why doesn't everyone play Tim Burton stuff fro Christmas instead of watching IT's a Wonderful Life 20x over?
Ah well, just a thought.
In any case.. I'm at my parent's place right now. Got a lot of neat stuff from Christmas... stuff we can use, like a Revereware set (Pots& pans for the kitchen) which makes me happy, b/c I love the copper-bottomed Revereware, and it's kind of expensive... and we also got a lot of kitchen utensils to cook with, too. We can now finally get rid of some of the older stuff that was falling apart.
I also had to go through a lot of old clothes. I had nearly a whole dresser stuffed with nothing but marching band shirts. I wanted to make a quilt out of them.. but it's a lot of work, and I don't know how to sew. One girl in my hall when I was a freshman @ Baylor had that. Her mom had taken all of her band shirts and turned the shirts into little patches to go onto a patchwork quilt. It was really very cool. Just thinking about it now almost makes me want to save them.. but.. I shouldn't :P
I did go through a lot of clothing, though.. and I'm happy to say that I've officialy gone down about 5 pant sizes since I started my diet. I'm able to fit into a lot of my older clothes, and I'd say that I reversed two years of weight gain. One more year left...
Kenji& I talked numbers, and we figured that I couldn't have possibly lost 50 lbs yet. If I lost that much, I'd be underweight.. so I more than likely lost about 25.. lol. It certainly feels like a lot, though. Things are so much different now. It's great. So.. I'm taking some old pants home. I really thought I had more, but I guess not. I've gone through everything.. I found one pair of jeans only and about 4 pairs of shorts. I think I only want to keep 2, though. There's ggoing to be a lot to pack to take home. I want to go home tomorrow..but I also want to stick around longer. This place is hell on my sinuses... but blah. I feel indecisive. I guess I've gotten the hang of typing on this keyboard now, though. Still don't know if I feel like typing more or not though... heh. Maybe I'll end up ranting for another 200 lines before I decide whether or not I want to type up the low-down on the Christmas thing. Maybe tomorrow.. for now.. I'm kinda tired ^..^
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