December 18th, 2001



I'm back from Dallas.. and I've slept the past two days -..-
Very sick.
In any case..
My CDs came in.. my vinyl top came in.. I won a Malice Mizer/Glay/LunaSea Doujinshi, and I'm very happy.
I'm also obsessed with Hellsing XD
It's an anime (already licensed by Pioneer, mind you) that's basically like a cross between Trigun and Vampire Hunter D. Big solitary dude in a red trench coat with a kick-ass gun.. happens to be a vampire.. killing vampires. Lots of violence and kicks much ass. I saw some at the party via Heero's laptop, and now I'm stubbornly trying to find more on KAzaa without having to wait for Pioneer to release it. I mean... if it's Pioneer in JApan, they automatically have it licensed, ne? Whether they decide to release it here or not...
They haven't said anything on their website about a US release date, but their website is a little out fo date. I really think that I ought to be a web admin for one of these Distribution companies.. I mean.. they suck ass about updating their page!!!!
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