November 17th, 2001


Fweeb! :)

I've been really busy lately with school, etc. I kinda feel bad b/c I've been neglecting LJ again.. XD Also-- Shay is poking me on the Cult of Kyo mailing list! how embarrassing! lol I need to find the other bios and email them to her to cease her poking :D
In any case... because of school projects, etc, I haven't made any headway on updating my website or posting deadlines on the CoK, etc. I really need to get cracking on that...especially if we're going to get Kyo's gift sent off & have it make it by Christmas.
In other news- My koibito just got a bigscreen TV! Whee! We had a bunch of freinds over tonight& watched the sequel to the Mummy on there. Movies look *really* nice on that TV. It was really nice to see some of the guys again. We've either been too busy to hang out.. or haven't really thought about calling them, so we haven't seen them in a while. We usually get to see one of my freinds when we visit the store where he works... but that's no fun :P On the other hand, we met under sober terms today, but because of some good news, we were able to party together.
You know.. some people deal with potential tragedy in different ways. This thing that came up wasn't under my control, so the best I could do was cook for everyone XD (well, everything ended up ok in the end though, so f00 :) I made 2 of my really good ham/cheese quiche recipies, and I made a pumpkin pie. I have a lot of food left-over, though -..-**
I've been playing SSX Tricky for PS2 on there (the T.V.) as well.. nifty da! I hate sports games.. but there's somthing about this snowboarding game.. You just can't stop playing. It's *really* good.

Have I mentioned anything on LJ about this yet? Duel Jewel is coming to A-kon for certain! Guy was really sweet and called me all the way from Dallas to be the first to tell me the good news. He's so sweet :} I need to make his tapes for him, too. And tapes for Shiro-chan... g'ack(t)
In other random news....Ever since the other week, I've been feeling a lot of mixed emotions. I'm very releived I finally told Ranma to get lost, but I don't like having to be that cruel. He just wouldn't take any of my hints. -..-* I'm also very happy that the semester is almost over.. and Thansgiving break will soon start... but... It terribly frustrating.. too many things due for too many classes.. and not enough time to get everything done. This weekend, thankfully, is homework free, and I should have some time to get caught up on some internet stuff. (Where's my Jeff-kun time?? lol) I also scanned in all Goat-Boy's pics from Tux-Boy's halloween party. After they were scanned, re-sized, etcetc, I emailed them to the Nakama site for the boardies. I'll probably end up posting a URL here for the site pretty soon. I usually have problems keeping track of my bookmarks, so it'll be easier to have it up here. All I have to do is remember the day/time I posted.. fweeb.
The board is really..hmm.. It's hard to say everything I think about this. It's a great place, filled with good& warm-hearted people.. they welcome nearly everyone into a unique group.. on the other hand... there are also people that they don't want around... and they're so nice that sometimes it's hard for them to tell those people. I really do wish that I lived a little closer to Dallas, or had my own car... I'd probably hang out with them a lot more. :} (Speaking of which.. I'm behind in the boardie RPG... hehe) They've been there for me when they haven't had to, and for that, I'm grateful. It looks like the next convention is going to be a real party-con with them. Like snugglefest.. but with our own rooms this time. Our room is already full, but ironically, it's not with other boardies. I was able to stir up enough interest with some freinds down here for a cosplay group, and we'll all be rooming together. Only Mako-chan (The "bum" vacationing in Houston again this weekend.. lol) really knows of the boardies, though, so I'll probably be partying in other rooms to leave ours nice and quiet in case the others in our group want to sleep :} Goat-Boy is even pitching in for the cosplay. It's going to be great :} (Ironic, how 4 of the 5 people in this cosplay group have Livejournals.. and how I met all of them in person[exception: Goat-Boy] before they got their livejournals.. heh)
I could probably blabber on about silly things that make me happy.. or silly things that are going well right now.. but I'll spare all of you ~..^ Kiji is probably getting cavities :P
Hey.. I can't be broody and contemplative everyday.. ;}
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Somthing funny...

I had the weirdest dream last night. I thought I'd jot it down here before I forgot, but Shay should really get a kick out of this.. hehe.
I had a dream about Dir en Grey last night. It was odd. Shay, Mako-chan, and a bunch of random people from the CoK were all at a DeG concert with me. We were all sitting together in what seemed a rather small concert hall. It was shaped more like a movie theatre. While we were there, DIE jumped off stage and down the isles. He stopped across from me and started messing with some of the other CoK members. Then, the fangirls started to get a little wild, so he ran back on stage. (lol) After the concert, Shay and I noticed that a bunch of girls from the front few rows had jumped on-stage and started hugging Kyo, and he didn't seem to mind. Giggling, a bunch of CoK people went up there, and Shay, Mako-chan, and myself followed. By the time we'd made it up there from our seats, he had dissappeared, so we figured that he must have made his way to his dressing room. So, the three of us started looking for it. We were really surprised when we went downstairs to the loading dock, though. The place was huge, and there were a lot of permenant dressing rooms there for big stars.. so.. we had to start looking for Kyo's. Mako-chan seemed like she was about to give up, when we saw the other group of CoK people take a left and go into a door. That's where we found Kyo. He didn't seem to mind all the weird people walking into his dressing room. HIs room was really funny, b/c it was small, and set up especially for him. There was a bed there, some shelves with some CDs and manga, and some random posters, etc. He'd taken off a lot of his makeup, and was smiling at a few of the other girls. I greeted him in polite Japanese, but I stumbled over it a little bit b/c I was nervous and he gave me a funny look. Mako-chan and myself were too shy to start hanging off him like the previous fangirls, but I noticed none of them were doing that now. They were kind of sitting around fawning over him. In his room, I noticed that he had all the new Malice Mizer CD singles, and I was really impressed and said somthing. Kyo was funny, b/c he wasn't really talking too much. He was absorbed with this pile of doujinshi. He was marking them to have them sent to the other band members. I think he sent Toshiya a Bastard! one that had some weird DBZ color scheme. He wrote Toshiya's name in english on there, and it was funny to watch him write :} I also saw.. underneath the new MM stuff.. he had all of Gackt's CD singles! Just about cracked me up.. heh. But.. there was this one odd CD single that was apparently in the background of every picture Kyo had taken in that dressing room, and Mako-chan had this odd fascination. It was called Pet shop Pets or somthing odd like that, and I think she was going to steal it -..-** (A very un-Mako-chan type thing to do) Kyo made some remark about the CD.. but he was mumbling, so we didn't know how to respond.. lol. That's about when I woke up. It was really weird, but pretty darn funny. I remember that DeG put on a really good show, though, and Shay had a really good time. (I think she was the one that DIE "molested" lol) Apparently someone had gotten some pics of the concert on a digital camera, and caught DIE's vinyl-clad leg in the corner of the picture. I missed DIE messing with Shay, so I don't know what he did. I was apparently too absorbed in the rest of the concert (Kyo was singing this odd slow tune.. it wasn't a romantic song.. more like it was a broken merry-go-round on crack.. kinda neat)to notice that DIE was up a few feet away from me. I felt kinda cheated.. lol. In any case, it was a pretty funny dream, none-the-less :D
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From what I understand from the RW ML, Jess' early B-day party is tonight. I wish I could have made it, but I'll just have to find somthing nifty and mail it instead ~..^ Not too much happened today. It was nice. Last night, I posted about all the guys that had come over. Tonight, I think D was supposed to stop by and drop off some tapes. It's not too late for that yet, though, so I think he might actually stop by later tonight. Apparently the local anime club was having some sort of all-day event. M and I were thinking about going for a little bit, but then decided against it. After all.. why go to an anime club to watch stuff that you already have? (And in all actuality, many of the people probably got their stuff from you or someone you know.. so you KNOW you've seen it already.. lol) You'd go for camraderie, ne? Usually, anime clubs are groups of freinds that meet to watch anime, but since I know a lot of the older club people, and none of the newer, I'm not that interested in going. Besides, I had a few of the older members at our place last night and we MST3K'd the Mummy Returns :D
I'll probably be heading to the Mall Monday. I need to have the ring M gave me for Valentine's day re-sized. When I got it, it was a bit snug, so we had it sized 1/2 size larger. Now, it's waaay to big, and I can't wear it for fear of it falling off and losing it. And you know.. after you've gotten used to wearing somthing like a watch, or a ring, or a necklace, you feel naked without it. So.. I had to find somthing that would work for me to wear in the meantime.. lol. And guess what I chose? My highschool graduation ring! ahhh! This is probably the most I've worn it outside my senior year in highschool. It's pretty ironic, considering I'm a senior in college now. (Then again, I'll probably be a senior for quite a while longer, so this is in no way a sense of finality, or comign full-circle.. lol) I do like my senior grad. ring, though. I was sad when it didn't fit quite right anymore, and now it's fine. It makes you think, though. So many things are coming full circle for me right now... my education, my weight.. everything's returning to it's original balance, in a way. At the same time, I've grown. I've changed. And, I've improoved. It's always nice to look back and think, "This is the beginning of the end of another cycle. Now I know some Japanese.. and I'll end with a degree...." much more impressive than a highschool degree, I might add. I started the cycle without a job, and then I gained a job. Now, I've returned to the happy world of unemployment.. but a new cycle is going to start soon. It's all very calming to think about. I'm sure Goat-Boy can relate to a spiritual extent ^..^
On a different note- The Cure came out with a "new" album?? WHA?? How did this get past me??? lol Apparently within the past few months, the Cure (or should I say Robert Smith.. lol) released a new album. It's not new, per-say.. it's a Greatest Hits collection... but.. just like Galore, they decided to include some new stuff on there. They included 2 new tracks (which are pretty spiffy) and just to make sure fangirls like myself could justify buying it, they included a second disk with instrumental versions of the songs on it. Yes, I am a content Cure fangirl.
And- Who gave them permission to release the Utena movie without telling me?? lol Seriously, though, I didn't even know it had been licensed. I found it at Best Buy the other day, too.. just like the Cure CD. That movie is a crack trip& a half, but.. it's the Utena Movie! Mako-chan and I watched it the other day.. mostly to see a pretty DVD-quality copy of it.. but also to confuse Goat-Boy. We'll have to start Utena with him sooner or later.. lol.. if anything.. to proove to him that the movie still makes very little sense even with the history and background of the TV series ^..^
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