October 15th, 2001



Gr... I'm so ticked off right now, it's not even funny..
Does anyone remember when I translated that Lareine song a while back?
I tried contributing it to inertia's Lareine site... I remember sending it to her, and offering to translate more (in exchange for an extra poster she had, but I would have done it for free..)
In any case... she NEVER replied to me.. I emailed her once more.. but she didn't reply, so I gave up on her. Now... I checked the Lareine site, and there's a freaking translation up there! It's a translation for the song *I* fucking translated.. She didn't miscredit me.. oh no.. my translation is just not on there. She put someone else's on there. Grr...
I worked so hard on somthing no one will fucking know about or give a shit about. Such is my entire life...
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    Lareine--> Destinee.. grrrr