October 5th, 2001


Death& Dying

Well... It's Friday, and this bug has lasted officially over a week now. I am feeling better now... but my voice is kind of slow to return. Pain in the butt. Once again, I'm doing stuff like this on the internet when I know I ought to be doing my homework... after all, that's why I got up early in the first place -..-*
Well.. see ya later..
Oh! Goat-Boy!: There have been changes made to the hockey game schedule. They want to do it Fri. Nov. 2nd now. Don't know how it's going to work out with you, but I have to go to class on those days, so we won't be able to leave until after 1:30 if we still want to plan on going. Need to talk to you about collecting ticket $$ if plans are still on, too.
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