September 30th, 2001


Ugh! watashi wa shinin dai yo

Last night, my temperature was up to 103.0. It's interesting to think that another few degrees, and I could be dead.
104= possible brain damage
105= possible death
I thought it broke when I woke up later.. but then I started to get feverish again. Now my temperature's down once more... and I'm actually starting to get hungry.
I've decided for simplicity's sake, I'm leaving the diet for a while. It's been working really well for me, but when you're having trouble mustering the strength to stand, it's not that easy to cook. I had some OJ and cereal this morning. It's the first time I've had either in a *long* time. The OJ was regular, and tasted very sweet. I couldn't finish the cereal. The ammount of sugar in the cereal was at least double that of the OJ... it was making me kind of nauseous, and I hadn't had any sort of baked product in a while. Then.. I finished my OJ, and in comparison to the cereal, it suddenly tasted horribly bitter. How weird. I really do think I like the diet better than how I was eating before. I'd just reached the stage where I could afford to splurge every now and then on certain foods.. but if I end up losing the diet today, I'll have to start over again from the induction part. It's not that bad... because really it's only about a cup less greens a day than what I had been eating... so basically, it won't be that bad getting back on the diet.
I just wish my life wern't in jeopardy right now.
It makes you think, though.
Did I get this from my freind that had pneumonia?
Did I get this from my boyfreind? (He wasn't sick, but he sees sick people every day at work...he could be a carrier!)
Did I get this from food? It makes me think of everything I've cooked in the past few weeks, and wonder if any of it wasn't cooked properly. Makes me nervous.
My koibito brought me home some stuff.. but I really don't want to take it unless absolutely nessesary. I haven't coughed up any blood yet, so everything looks good...
I just wish everything would go away. I have a crapload of homework to do!
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