August 30th, 2001



I remember the first time I'd heard Honey Blade. Just from the english bits, I could tell that hide was a pervert ^..^
Since then, I've looked around the net on and off for an english translation. I haven't found one easily. There may very well be one out there, but I don't know where it is... -..-*
In any case.. I have taken it upon myself to attempt to translate this.. um.. work of art.
And just from looking at the first verse...
I can tell you now that it's a lot more um.. hentai then I'd originally thought.. lol.
His imagery and lyrics are great.. masterful.. and so much about.. hm.. SEX :D But mostly about coming into puberty& losing your virginity, if I'm translating this correctly. Since I'm going off romanji, I could very well be VERY wrong.. lol
Who knows.. if I feel inspired enough to translate all these hard-to-find songs, maybe I'll earn myself a place as a lazy-ass guest translator in the Gakuen. Enslave me for internet fame, kudasai!

There is no goo dromanji ver. of the lyrics onthe net. Period. I don't think I'm going to finish this translation project because I don't have a good romanization. (IE: Real words spelled out.. not what you THINK you hear....)
I'm entirely too lazy to find the Japanese lyrics and start looking up kanji, so this will be another project (much like my website) where I just give up and say "screw it" because I don't have the committment needed to finish somthing with quality.
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