August 29th, 2001



Foo is my new word, and my new word shall be Foo. No longer are we in the days of spoggly or even woogly. Now is the day of FOO.

I have a LOT of Homework to putter with before Animefest. I really don't know what to expect out of this convention. Ideally, I'd love to do A-kon all over again, but this con is going to be much smaller. I hope there's a lot of J-rock stuff there.
Someone was saying that they want people to cosplay Sun night for some J-rock dance or somthing. I'd love to.. but that leaves me w/o a planned costume for the days before. You see...
The plan is thus:
Due to the fact that my hair is too long for a wig, I was given the brilliant idea by someone (I think it was Jess.. or maybe Mako-chan.. don't remember) That I braid my hair and wear a wig over it. This is wonderful, because my anime cosplay requires hair with a lot of body. So, I braid my hair so it frizzes out, and cosplay as Sarasa. If I cosplay Kyo on Sun, I have to Cosplay Sarasa Mon only... because there's no one to help me braid my hair back up if I were to cosplay Sarasa right away. So... Sat is probably going to be the heaviest day for the con, and I'm faced with either cosplaying Kyo for 3 days and Sarasa for one... (instead of the 2-Kyo, 2-Sarasa days...) Or wearing my new hide& DeG T-shirts Fri& Sat, and cosplaying Kyo on Sun, Sarasa on Mon...
Or somthing. I don't know. I'd love to cosplay Sarasa for more than one day, but I'm not sure what to do.
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