August 17th, 2001


hmmmm.. po-tay-oes. Can you spell potato, Mr. Quale?

I think there are people in my house. I'm not sure. There were people here a few days ago. I have proof. There is a bunch of leftover chinese slowly winning the battle vs. the baking soda in the fridge. I know it's not all mine. Not my leftovers.. uh-uh.... but.. where did the people go that started it? They were here a few days ago, and suddenly dissappeared. I don't remember hearing a door slamming, and no one said they were leaving, so my guests from two days ago must be under the couch or hiding in a closet. My poor Akuma didn't even get to say hi. I went to go wake him up, and when I turned around... poof! Everyone's gone. Maybe the cat ate them. If not, they must have some sort of telekenetic powers. I guess that means I don't have to call anyone anymore, because they can just zap into my house from now on!

I was cooking some more today. I used up a whole bag of potatoes. I made some scalloped potatoes from scratch. I also set aside two large ones for baking, later. Then, I took the others and boiled them. Those are going to go into potato salad tomorrow, and I'll probably also save some for frying up in eggs or somthing like that. I love 'em. They're so versitile. I love the way Tom Cruise says Potato n "Far and Away"
You know what else I love?
~Toasted bagels& cream cheese
~Eating somthing you've made yourself... especially when it turns out.
~Doing the dishes. Yes, doing the dishes. I like unloading the dishwasher, especially. The dishes are all nice and hot, and squeaky.
~Juice. Yum, Juice ^..^
~Working up a sweat playing DDR... especially since it's exercising that doesn't seem like work
~Listening to good music
~Keeping a clean house

There. Now it's your turn. I want all of you all that have been bitching so much lately to compile a short list of things that make you happy. Only positive things, though... and only things you've done before. It may be a no-brainer, but please don't put "killing someone," "mentally fucking others up," or "bitching" as one of the best parts in life. If it's somthing you've contemplated before, I know two very effective non-death solutions for you:
Therapy and drugs.
Besides.. I know each and every one of you has somthing constructive that you like doing. It doens't have to be anything major, like going to other countries, or raising kids....just some small things in life, ne? Now all of you whiners, get off your butt and think positive, even if it's only for 2 min.
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