August 3rd, 2001


Ashita no... Izawa-kun?!?!?!

They say you learn somthing new every day. I don't.. so when I learn somthing worth mentioning, it's a big thing (even if it's insignificant and stupid like this)

Izawa-kon from Ping-pong club? The boxing freak that looks like he's growing a bamboo shoot on his head (and sometimes is)? Nope! It's a cel from "Ashita no Joe" Soo... since Joe is such an old anime.. it's interesting to know that Izawa gets his obsession and partial character design from another anime (that I've never seen) And thanks to Minako-chan, I also know that this supreme pervert is voiced by the guy who did Sailor Moon's Artemis character.. hehee....

IF you're skipping thru my entry, at least..
**********PLEASE READ THIS PART*************
Other news- The voting has concluded for the Amano's world art contest. If you'd like to see the results, please go here ... and please do me a favor. Vote on the tie-breaker. Apparently, There was no tie in the execution category. While I, and many others had expected it to be the professional artist that entered, most of the forum was surprised that she didn't win. It was #150.. that nice mer-creature with interesting perspective... as he/she rightly should have won. Hell.. I even think I voted on that one for execution.
Oddly enough, the concept category is currently in a 4-way tie. I was very shocked when I saw which 4 were tied. Very shocked. I'm not going to reveal anything, so if you want to know (and please do vote once more to break the tie!) go to the Amano's world site before it's too late. I think that voting is concluded this Thursday.. so there's not a WHOLE lot of time...
In any case.. I thank all of you who voted. I hope you all truly did beleive that I had the best concept, and didn't just vote because it was me.. asking you to vote. I don't know.. it's just somthing I've worried about because if I do happen to win this, I want it to be because I had a good idea, and people agreed with me.. Not just because I had freinds who would help me win, even if the idea wasn't that great. It's hard for me to explain, but I've never won any popularity contests before.. and if that is what this is.. then Hell may very well freeze over.. heh

Anime cels- My flute cel came in today. She's in her Ugly Dog cosplay fromt he movie, hurling a tree ^..^ My goreous Nehelenia cel came in last week. I honestly think it's the prettiest one I own now. I desperately need a new Cel book to keep these new ones in, though. I'm going to be getting a Berserk cel in soon. I really wish I could find a few cels of the main characters, though. Usagi's house (or was it house of anime??) had a few of griffith, but they wanted over 100.00 for them, and they just wern't worth it to me. I'd love a Pipin cel ^..^
Mako-chan.. I was bidding on a cel for us a few months ago, but never got it.. I just thought you might get a kick to know that I almost owned a JoJo's Bizzare adventure cel of JoJo's star thingie XD Bad Shonen! HAHAHAHA
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