July 13th, 2001


Sorry, wrong answer!

My subject title came from the Diva's embarassing moment on stage in the Phantom of the Opera :P So there.. you all got it wrong.. hahahah!
I had a conversation with Kyo in my dreams last night. These J-rock related dreams are a lot closer together now. He was in my house, and we had a great conversation in the bathroom. I think we were hiding from either 1) rabid fans or 2) someone domineering like parents or body guards, etc. I remember thinking how beautiful his voice was when he spoke english, and I chastised him for not being comfortable w/his english b/c it was great :P He was in visual makeup, but it wasn't really heavy makeup. Rather strange. I remember wanting to give him the present I was thinking about mailing him, but being embarassed, b/c I didn't want him to think of me as just any other fangirl. I wanted him to know that I respected him as an artist and a person, and that the time I had talking to him was more important than emails, or fangirls, etc. I wanted him to know that I didn't want to pry into his life, and I just enjoyed being able to talk to him. Then I woke up.