July 12th, 2001


Poor fool, He makes me laugh. hahahahaha!

Brownie points if you can tell me where my subject came from ^..^
I saw the FF movie opening day. It was very very nifty.. I won't spoil it because you HAVE TO SEE IT. mm.. It's now one of my new fav. movies. I was very impressed. I'll leave it at that. ^..^
Special treat for you LJ people... I was working on somthing for the Amano's world art contest, and ended up scrapping it. Maybe I'll work on it again someday..
In any case, I decided to start over again, and the sketch below is the fruit of that effort. I hope to finish this one, b/c I feel that it's better than a lot of my other stuff. I really need to finish drawing the girl, but I was too absorbed in the demon-creature thing. I need to fix a few things on there, but I'll mention them under the pic, so your eyes arn't drawn there first :P

I think I'm going to make the primary spurs on the tips of the wigns a bit smaller so they don't distract the eye. I also need to finish drawing the girl, and the drapery of her gown. I'm contemplating a loincloth on the demon, but his croth will be dark enough, I don't think I'll have to bother putting anything there. when I finish drawing him, it won't look like her arm is floating off into nowhere, either. I need to work on how I'm going to do her hair as well, but I'm really happy w/the pic SO FAR.... I'm contemplating a moon or a waterfall or some doric or ionic columns on the left side. I like leaving him off-center, but I need to decide what I want to the background to be.... then I need to decide how I'm going to color it...

Also.. anyone know a good, cheap breand of copic/art markers?
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