July 6th, 2001



I need to draw that Megatokyo strip tonight.. start it at least.. the deadline is very close, and I'll beat myself up if I don't at least try. Hmm... ::sigh::
I've been in an odd mood lately. Can't really describe it. I suppose it's almost like euphoria, but it's probably brought on by my lack of a decent sleep schedule. It's strange..
Wow.. my shuffle play on winamp just chose the same song twice in a row. Weird. It's Lareine's Tsusou .. it's kind of creepy.
I hate wanting to do all these art projects& feeling so uncreative at the same time. I guess I just need to get off my butt and do somthing, ne? Maybe I'll work on that Amanosworld project for a little while b/c I have the image planned out. I have a bit of the Megatokyo strip planned, but I think I'm going to change it. I think Miki-chan's project will be a lot easier, b/c she's already got the story, and she'll be writing the text. >:} I just have to scribble. I think I'm going to buy a sketchbook for just that one project. Then, I'll do the character sketches in the back, and work on the comic in the front. That way, when it's full, there will be a full chapter or so of comic in teh front, and an appendix of prelim sketches in the back. That'll be fun.. but I'm running out of time. School starts again in early August. My break is going to be over soon.... and I need to get going. damn.. >..<
Also.. I feel rather proud of myself. I DLed NJ Star a few weeks ago.. and I used it last night. I typed up a post in Japanese and posted it on a Japanese BBS, asking if Ayami Kojima had her own website. I've been looking for more info on her for a LONG-ASS TIME. No one really knows anything about her and it sucks.. in any case..
Today I got a reply! Apparently my Japanese was good enough for someone to understand what I was saying and reply. I'm very very happy about that, and I'm really proud of myself. It's somthing petty, dumb, and only a message board, I know.. but still...
Oh yeah.. just thought I'd also share somthing fun. If you guys get a moment, go read my guestbook on my website. I got a lot of.. erm.. encouragement from "me" suject title: shit. I also took the time to thank him with a replay >;}
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Holy Crap!

X..X The Megatokyo strip contest deadline is TODAY!!! I had better hurry and finish it >..<
Wish me luck.. I'll post it when it's finished!
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One down, 7 to go (off the list, that is)

Ok.. I worked on it all last night (Trust me.. not a big deal since I sleep during the day now)
For better or for worse... it's done. Chances are, you won't really get it too much if you don't read Megatokyo... which, considering the fact that I don't think it's that funny...isn't really a big deal. If anything, though, you should go read megatokyo. It's veryveryvery good.
At least I finished somthing for once...
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Oh yeah...

Forgot about this.. HAHAHAHAHHA
You want to know what's wrong with you, don'tcha?

Kyo no Miko's Clone:

percent of predisposition genetic defect
98% Homosexuality
85% Novelty-seeking
69% Attention Deficit Disorder
28% Schizophrenia
25% Manic Depression
7% Velocardiofacial (Shprintzen) Syndrome
5% Stamina Impairment
2% Hypernasality

percent of susceptibility genetic diseases
98% Myopia
89% Premature Baldness/Alopecia
42% Sickle-Cell/Anemia
23% Down's Syndrome
18% Neurofibromatosis
17% Seizures
12% Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
7% Fragile X Syndrome
3% Polycystic Kidney Disease
2% Marfan Syndrome
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