July 2nd, 2001


sentaku, SENTAKU

I've been thinking about my website lately. I'm personally happy w/the layout. I like the look of it.. but somthing came to my attention the other day.. and I've been thinking about making a few changes. I have my dirty cel gallery up.. that's the picture gallery of dirty, suggestive-looking cels that I've gathered.. With the exception of two of the cels up there.. none of them are physically mine. I do, however, have a pretty decent personal cel collection that I've never thought about putting on the net. I don't know if I ought to take the DCel gallery down or not.. I know I want to put my gallery up on the web, but I don't have a lot of space at all. I really need to get my own domain, so I'll have enough room for everything..
But until then, I could get another Geocities account and turn it into my cel gallery...
Homestead was really good about hosting images, but they're going to start charging soon, and I need to switch my account to the freebie. I don't think that one will end up as a cel gallery, though. The other thing is.. if I get a domain, I really shouldn't bother to put up all the cels quite yet, right? Hmm.. but I want to have them up on the net in case I want to trade, etc... Hence my dilema. Do I get rid of the Dirty cels for a personal cel gallery? Do I keep the Dirty cels and forget about the personal cel gallery? Or.. do I keep the D cels and make a personal collection? This would mess up my layout, but I can remove my "personal" section on the page, edit the text, and link it to a new account w/the cel gallery on it. -..- Have a look for yourself.. there's not a whole lot up there right now.. rofl.
Let me know what you think.. I'm dying for your reply ~..^
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