June 27th, 2001


And once again, the day is saved thanks to.....

I have my Winamp set to display random skins. I shamelessly stole this idea from Mako-chan last year or so when I realized I had waaay to many skins I wasn't using. I kept to the same 3 skins.. My really kawaii Li (CCS) that I got off Winamp.. a REALY awesome Zelda one I also found on winamp.. I think.. and a gorgeous Kamijo skin I grabbed from inertia. After I started DLing all Mako-chan's skins, I definitely needed to switch so I could see them all in rotation..
To make a long story short, I almost burst into tears just a few moments ago... This is because I have my winamp set to play random songs off the playlist.. and I had an anime playlist up there..
And X's Forever love is on there..
And while it's a very sad, sad, song.... I probably wouldn't have felt like spontaneously bursting into tears if it hadn't had been for the fact that when I saw Forever Love on there and decided to play it.. a hide skin popped up w/the song... ::sniffle:: BWAAAAAAaaaaaaa
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Bara wa... Bara wa.....Utsukushiki chiru

Wai!! I'm very happy... happy, happy, happy ^..^
Funs tuff came in the mail today.
AkumaShinzo got his Bastard! Ltd. Ed. DVD& toy today.. (The toy was a varient, and it looks damn cool. We may just hang onto it and see if it ends up having a higher value than the regular toy.. then sell it on ebay XD)
I got my Li cel from Card Captor Sakura.. it's a really cute cel of him freaking out.. and it's NOT STUCK ^..^
But best of all... I got a happy happy package from Singapore. It's my X video! Wai! I paid 15 bucks after shipping, and got a legal, real copy of the Rusty Nail PV. This is VERY exciting, b/c I've been trying to get my hands on this PV in one way or another for about 2 years. It's ANIMATED! Yes.. all the members of X are in an animated video. It's VERY high production-quality, and VERY pretty. The story is great, too. Yoshiki makes a Beatles-esque statement in there, though.. damn funny. For those of you whom I know personally, I'll make you come over and watch this so I don't spoil everything...
::cough:: moment of insanity over..
But.. lo.. was that the doorbell? It was UPS doorknob ditch! Yes.. those impatient bastards just left a package by the door ^..^ It's (FINALLY) Our copy of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.. AND Our Speciad ed. of Dogma! MWAHAHAHAHAH
I also had fun cussing out some people I went to highschool with. Dammit.. if you're not going to email me somthing nice, don't forward crappy spam to me! The letter is below. I was going to be really mean.. but I didn't go off on them too badly.. heh Please be kind to my typos. I was typing really fast.. lol
-..- That was meaningful.
I mean really, guys....

I appreciate my freind's concern in regards to my general health, well-being, and the state of my pocketbook at the OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE... but
-..- I don't really have too much to say about chainmail, junkmail, spam, etc.
Nothing personal, but the only thing I hate more than junkmail& spam... Is Junkmail& Spam that comes from people I know. I for one, don't beleive in any of this stuff, and if you think about it.. is it really practical for a business to send ludicrus ammounts of money to ocmplete strangers for no reason? Perhaps the lure of free food and magical pop-up windows is too much. That.. is easily forgiveable...
-..- The last thing I want to see are lots of FWDs with no origional or creative message attached by the sender. Most of you all have my email addresses to keep in touch with me.. not to send me useless emails -..-
If any of you all feel like saying "hi" or somthing else not involving chain-mail, fwded jokes, etcetc, email me at my other email addy.

[name witheld for you LJ users :P]
~~Kyo no Miko (KyonoMiko@aol.com)
And while you're at it.. give me some hits on my website, too. I managed to get over 1,000 a few months ago.

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