May 25th, 2001


Baka ni Narumon!

I had a bad idea. I don't think it's as bad as the Utena x Card Captor Sakura cross-over (damn funny.. all the characters match up... ehhh.. if you're interested, I can post about that later)
But it's kind of sick, twisted, and fitting none-the less. Now presenting.. Malice Mizer in a Tenshi ni Narumon Parody! (This whole thing is probably just for the amusement of me, Minako-chan, and

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Getting over it!

I'm almost over my cold. As soon as I finish my antibiotics and get rid of my congestion, I'll be sooo happy. At least I'm getting over all this stuff before A-kon. I'm almost finished with Servant of the Bones by Anne Rice. Damn... there's some serious erotica towards the end of this one. She's slowly rising up to the Stephen-King-factor of hentai. I call it that, because when I first started reading Stephen King, it seemed like there was sex in just about every story. I think Anne Rice's sex is more erotica, though, because it's not as coarse as King's. Not like I'm a hentai conissuier... but, Damn! You know.. I *loved* Jean Aul's clan of the Cave Bear (except for the rape part..) so I started reading the sequels.. but they quickly went from a good story to sex every few pages. I wonder if these are what those harlequin romances are like. My god.. is that the kind of stuff my mom was always reading when I was a kid?? ::laughs ass off:: Ahhh... growing up...
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