May 24th, 2001



Huzzah to spendng money! Well, not really... I'm afraid that my recent discovery is going to sap the majority of my A-kon cash. While I was thinking about emailing my parents and asking for some cash, Akuma Shinzo, my voice of reason, said that it wouldn't be a good idea b/c it wasn't about school. Now.. I can't.. not because he disapproves, but because I see his point, and I know my familiy situation, and I'd feel guilty. He said he'd take care of things. Not that it makes me feel any better, though... I mean.. I love the fact that he's so kind and he showers me with gifts, but I feel so inadequate becasue I can't pay him back. That, and when I do have the $$ on me to pay him back.. he doesn't take it :P In any case.. Mako-chan.. please justify my spending $$!! Please tell me that the 30.00 I shelled out for a Tenshi ni Narumon Raphael cel is worth it.. :;snifflle:; A bit impulsive, really.. but I knew I had to act fast >..< It's a small cel and I probably shouldn't have.. but will my impulsive dream to own one cel of every character from this series have been successful if I didn't jump on a cel of this character when I have the chance?
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Also.. somthing interesting I found out...
Those "filler" genga and sketches that came w/some of my tennimon cels wern't actually for the last volume. They were for the cardboard box-thing that Chibi-Suzuhara hid under in the episode where she was.. well, chibi.. and mad at Yuusuke for telling her that her brother was dead.
Not from where I thought it was, but very neat. I'm probably just a dork for thinking it's cool.. but hey.. somewhere out there, there's a cel of a cardboard box w/o a genga or douga.. lol
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Another strange dream

Somthing long and epic happened before the part I can remember. Perhaps it was teh other dream down there.. I can't recall anymore. It slipped away too quickly. I ended up in an old Catholic Church filled with proper men and women and a good preist. I can almost remember what he looked like. It must have been a strange land because there was a legend that the two gods would swing through the sky (Don't ask me why I was in a Catholic church with polytheistic legends. Dreams are confusing.) One would banish the other using the sinews of his own body. Like many of my other dreams, the gender roles and the "alignments" of teh characters were ambiguous. One time, they were good, the other time, evil. It switched so that there was grey. I think the closest way I could describe it is thus: I was seeing both sides of the struggle at the exact same time from both perspectives... it was really interesting. In any case..I was in this church.. where the alter ought to be, there was a huge clear area.. It wasn't a TV screen.. but you could see images against it. Almost as if they'd blue-screened the action in right behind the rail of the alter.. but not really.. again.. hard to describe. I was a stranger.. with one or two others, sitting in the church. We needed confession because there was a relic in the confessional booth, and we needed to get in there. The priest looked me directly in the eye and pointed, saying that I was a drug-user. I remember standing up and looking at the congregation, very sure of myself. I said that there were no traces of drugs in my body.. it was a very moving speech.. And I said that if no one beleived me, to show my faith and honesty, I'd strip naked in the house of God. Everyone gasped, etc in shock& surprise, as I knew they would. The priest beleived me, and I didn't have to take my clothes off. Inthe mean time, the one with me was short.. young, I think, with thick curly black hair. I think he was a child, but he was very sensible and wise. We continued our quest. It semed likethe Church was huge. When we reached the outside, the congregation circled around us and I came to the realization that the two of us must preform the reinactment of the God's hunt. Somehow before then,t he younger one had retreived teh relic that allowed him to get the sinew sling. It was only about two inches long and dried and grey, yet flexible. He was able to hook one end around a loop and pull it taught. With this, he was meant to hunt me, and eventually at the appropriate moment, take a splinter of hard, dried tendon and launch it to kill me. For this whoel elaborate setup, we were sitting in swings with huge range. After a while, it seemed liek they were no longer grounded to anything, and we were swinging of our own accord, in our own directions, from teh very sky itself. As he continued to chase me in the swing, a storm seemed to build and the wind became stronger. Though it had become a deadly chase, there was no malice between us. I beleive I had a golden staff as a weapon, but it had no special properties, whatsoever. Soon, a rift opened in the sky, swirling with stormy grey clouds. Beyond lie a land where I knew one could never grow old, but never escape. I remember someone had said that it was somthing like the isle of lost boys, or somthing like that.. Kind of like in Peter Pan, I guess... As we swung around, I began to move closer and closer towards the rift. I knew the chase was almost over, and soon would be the part where I would be killed with the sinews of my partner's own leg. He took careful aim and struck me with the dart. I remember falling from the swing and being sucked into the rift as I blacked out. I came to shortly thereafter, clinging to the bough of a tree. I distinctly remember the leaves being very green. I looked down,andthere appeared to have been a large, gaping, charred hold burned throught he center of my torso, but it had mysteriously healed over while I was blacked out. My partner ran to my side, and said "It's already started. You were bought back for a moment to see it." I can't remember what "it" was, though. I know that some higher power had healed my torso and brought me to in order to see somthing important before I was taken away forever.. throughthe rift or otherwise. I think I woke up shortly after this, because unfortunately, I can't remember anything more.
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