May 22nd, 2001



An opening sequence cel from an anime that's already gone commercial in the U.S.(Lost Universe)= 30.00
S&H= 3.50
A new celbook to keep it in- 12.00
Making a certain person jealous= Priceless

And I know I'm going to see her at A-kon, too..
heh ^..^ This is such a gorgeous cel..and my first from an opening sequence.. so cheap, too! It's a big close-up cel of Nightmare (bad-guy bishonen) from the opening of Lost universe. This definitely beats the 1st ep Milly cel I almost bought for 20 bucks a few months ago. (It wasn't all that great, either... But this one..ahhh... ) However.. even if his eyes were open in the cel, it probably still wouldn't beat my Zagato cel. I wish I could just take the cel amd mount it on a hat and wear it around A-kon to brag about it ::snickers:: But aside from the fact that I woulnd't dare let that cel out of the house again... I really don't brag about things too much unless it's around someone I dislike. I mean.. I suppose I may brag a little-bit around Mako-chan.. but that's not because I dislike her.. it's because she may quite possibly be the only person around physically that understands this passionate (though useless) hobby. Even Akuma shinzo is less than thrilled about most of my cels. Granted.. he likes the good ones I have from series he's seen.. that's understandable.. but Mako-chaaaan ^..^ ::squish:: You've seen most every series on the planet! And just you wait until I get that cel in the mail.. I bet you know which guy I'm going to call up right away... heh heh heh I almost got him that Shidou cel he wanted, too.. but I forgot to ask him how much he was willing to pay :P Hopefully if he finds somthing @ A-kon like that Raiel cel he liked, he'll hide it and/or keep his door shut this time. I feel kinda bad about all the problems he had last year, though....
BTW- Doesn't the Lost Universe theme song sound a hell of a lot like the Sabre J theme song?
Little Bitch still needs to see the rest of that...but.. He's in San Antonio @ a Lakers game, of all places. Nifty. ^..^ Maybe when he comes back tomorrow, he'll come over and play DiabloII some more. I've almost got my sorceress thru hell lvl in hell mode. Damn skippy.
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Wow.. I looked at my freinds list the other day and noticed that all these weird people added me! :P (Just kidding) I find it kind of amusing that random people would want to read about what goes on in my life, because in my opinion, the stuff I write here isn't always that exciting. (With the exception of my Cel hobby and the weird dreams that I sometimes jot down)But in any case.. hello! ^..^ And if any of your are in the Dallas Area June 1-3, come to A-kon and cosplay! I'll be there, too ^..^
In other news: I did somthing today that I've been meaning to do for a long time. No.. not tell a certain person to kiss my ass.. but that happened to.. But.. I finished a model kit! I painted& stained my Kakugo no susume kit. Sure.. it's of the main villan, and his state of mind and gender are questionable to say the least.. but the kit turned out great. If I knew how to get pics off the digital camera and onto the computer, I'd show you guys. If you haven't seen this series..heh.. It's kind of on the dirty/hentai side. It's kind of like a Flesh Gordon version of the Guyver. No.. not Flash Gordon.. Flesh Gordon.. it's like a superhero porno sans sex.. jsut really perverted monsters and a lot of nudity. There was a really scary music video put together for it that you may or may not have seen.. Well, actually, there were 2. There was one that was set to creepy circus music, and the other one was set to Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People" (I think) Anyways.. yeah, it's disturbing.. but I got the kit for 11 bucks b/c the guy had no idea what it was or what series it was from. I seriously don't know if I should be proud of that or not.. But the kit looks sweet! I'm really proud of it.. b/c the plastic button-things that you glue to the side look like real metal now that I'm done with it. I promis I'll show you after the convention. I'll take some pics and ask Akuma Shinzo nicely to stick them on the comp for me. ^..^
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