May 15th, 2001


Noteworthy Stuff

I didn't mention that I got my huge cel order in the other day. Well, I did. I was very pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a ton of mediocre cels with no sketches. Oh, how wrong I was... True, some of them were bad.. I knew that, though. What I didn't expcet was the fact that there were a few really gorgeous cels that were stuck together and sold as "one" cel in the 8 cel lot. There was a really nice Yuusuke cel with these 3 odd layers on top of it that didn't belong.. and then there was a gabu/papa cel stuck to a noelle-squid cel.. 2 different cels! Also.. the GAbu cel had a corrective layer on top of it (yay! just like my Sailormoon cel- I was surprised to see that they stayed w/them b/c they wern't stapled) Also.. I got 3 cels that came with BOTH genga and douga!! HUZZAH!! Actually.. I only got 2 cels w/genga& douga.. I actually got a genga& douga for a background that I didnt' get with the cels. It was REALLY weird.. because a lot of the cels were seperated from teh dougas by the genga. I guess you have to do somthing to keep them from sticking.. even if you stick them to other things -..-** In any case, I got everything unstuck w/o damage, and all I have to do is clean up a few of the rampand errors (easy!)and I'll have many more nice additions to my cel gallery. What was also really awesome was this: BEcause there were so many cels (15 Tenshi ni Narumon, 2 Violinist of Hamlen Movie) they included a cel book. Sure, it was a cheaper one than the one I have.. but still!! Very excellent.
Also-Unfortuantely.. I got the other Malic eMizer DVD in.. it turned out to be one of the ones I got form Japan on VHS. I really thought it was somthing different.. Well crap. More $$ wasted. Ah well...::shrugg::
I also have this project... It reminds me a lot of the CoK in some ways. What would you say if you found out that I was playing a major part in getting a certain animated film into the U.S.? What would you say if you found out that I inadvertantly ended up in the middle of negotiations for the rights of a Yoshitaka Amano film? Odd, ne? We'll have to see how things go...
What happened was this:
I was putzing around in the forum, and asked if there were any plans to bring 1001 Nights into the US. Iwas given the email address of the Japanese company holding the rights. I told them that I'd REALLY like to see it brought into the US. They asked about my company and wanted to negotiate rights. I freaked, and emailed them politely that I would be more than happy if I only had a distribution company, and promptly offered to help them get it into the U.S. Then... I went and looked up info for a LOT of distributors. Let's look at the marketable audience, ne? It was done by Yoshitaka Amano. You have the Final Fantasy& Squaresoft fans. It's from Japan. It's animated. You have the anime fans. Apaprently, a manga version/the manga was released by VIZ. You have manga fans. A lot of these categories overlap, but it's a growing fanbase. Also, you have the Final Fantasy moviecoming out this summer. That's a plus, ne? Even if Amano had nothing to do w/the movie.. ^..^** Details, Details... I wonder if I can get into the liner notes....>:}
Oh.. and Ronfy was really angry earlier about a fanart competition. f he had any reply buttons on his journal, I'd remind thim that those A-kon bastards screwed me over, and that his images don't work
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