April 19th, 2001


unmei nan te

Wow.. made it to 1,000 hits. I updated my site to reflect that. I'm a bit sad #1,000 didn't email me and claim her (his?) prize... Ah well. As I told my room-mate, my next big accomplishment will be to get fan-art from a complete stranger. Or at least dirty cel submissions... For some odd reason I fee wiped out. Sort of mellow.. but mostly wiped out. I did somthing nifty today. I'm not gloating or anything.. but she appreciated it and it made me feel good to do it, so I thought I might as well share. I made a sparkly gift-bag for my room-mate. I bought a few carnations and some stickers& keychains (all anime.. ne..) and shoved some konnyaku in the bag as well. We made her a good-luck card for the M-cat this weekend and left it at the dorms and made the people at the desk call her and tell her she has a present XD So much fun!! I felt like I was leaving a bag of flaming doggie-poo on her door and running away.. but this was much better.. heh
Reminds me of May Day. A lot of you probably don't celebrate this.. but when I was a child.. our neighborhood used to make popcorn& treats and roll them up in decorated paper and leave them at each other's doors for May day. I think it's the first of May.. you know.. runnign around the may poles.. etc. wow.. I haven't remembered that in a long, long time....
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