April 18th, 2001


Ultra Soul!

You know.. I've been watching that Lareine concert lately.. and it cracks me up! Kamijo is overly dramatic in everything.. and it's just so.. funny. Especially in the Fuyu Tokyo video.. they have this unicycling team, and a bunch of Vegas dances with boas handing off their backs.. and everytime Kamijo tries to be seriously dramatic, his mouth wiggles. It's so damn funny! Gomen Kiji.. I probably sound like a fangirl.. lol. In any case...Hmmm
My 2 Hyper police cels came in today.. I forgot to mention that my two Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ books also came in yesterday. They're nifty.. It's mostly pop stuff.. but for 3.25 a peice you really can't go wrong. They were originally 1200 yen, so I got quite a deal on the both of them.. and they're things you definitely won't find stateside. They have some X and Glay and Siam Shade interviews in there (No LunaSea?)so it'll be nifty. Just somthing obscure for me to love like no other.
I worked today. That was uneventfull.. Right now, I have that feeling... You know.. The one where there's somthign important tugging ont he corners of your mind and taunting you with somthing you can't remember. I think somthing good was going to happen? Right now all I can think of are my deadlines (approaching entirely too quickly, I might add!). Ah well.. Finals start inthe first week of May.. then I have nothing until August. Finally.. a rest.. Unfortunately, however.. I think I'm going to have to get a job over the summer. Ebay has become far too evil for it's own good.
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    Nope.. not B'z's Ultra Soul- Beethoven's Appasionata