April 3rd, 2001


Is hyde really singing "atashi.."?

Oh wait... he's singing "Entiches" It sounsd so much like "Atashi" He just looked too cute with his pretty, long brown curly hair. >..< Whee!

I'm mad at Ronfar :P And Ronfy-darling knows why, too. :P Baka!

I bought the first volume of the Trigun manga today. Our local games shop, for some odd reason, had a tankoban there. The cover cracked me up. Take a look at my scans, HERE
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Mou ii.. hidoiyo

I hereby throw a mango at Ronfar! BWAHahahahahah
I've been rather bored today. I'm convinced now that I need to make a cel gallery on my page so I can sell/trade/make people envious. Ne? However.. I'm really uncertain of how much room I have left on my Geocities account. They don't give much room. So... I've been thinking about getting a domain name of my own. It's a lot cheaper than I thought it would be, and I could really use the speed of a decent server.. the ability to bring pictures up in here and other forums, as well as the space. But.. I'm having trouble justifying the space. I personally don't think it's being put to a good use. I need a domain name.. any ideas? ^..^

Ronfar no baka :P
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