April 2nd, 2001


I could just slide down in rivulets and pool at the feet of eternity

I haven't felt like this in a while.. and I don't mean my "drunk" emoticon down there. Though I've had a wine-cooler or two, I doubt it has anything to do with the way I feel. Perhaps it's the Laruku.. hyde no koe.. utsukushii... ahh...
I feel really good. Not because of anything in particular. I just feel good to be here right now. My worries about homework for the most detested British Lit. class have slipped away, receding into the later hours of tomorrow. I think I will sleep well tonight.
I worked some more on my alucard plush. I painted highlights in his hair and worked on his jacket. That fuzzy black material is difficult to work with, but I nearly have his jacket done. I just need to do the sleeves. Then, hopefully.. I can get some red satin lining and make him a cape. I think I need a few little chains as well. I'll have to look around.
I haven't received any email lately. It makes me sad. The only email I get now is from ebay, and the subject headign is always "Outbid notice" That ebay character can never think of creative subject headings. He must be flogged.
I wish ronfy-darling was here. I feel for him so very much.. so much like me in the past.. I just want to give him a big hug and rub his back. I wanted to call him earlier, but I couldn't find his number. It's too bad, really.. he's so adorable.
I won a Miaka cel on ebay earlier. Unfortunately.. Tokio-san's RNA has a really nice Yaten cel on ebay.. I was winning the bid for a while, but it was inevitable that I get outbid. I can't affor the prices that cell will reach. I really with I could express what I'm feeling right now.. but I'm afraid I don't think I can.. not without ruining the moment at least.
Let me be selfish...
If but for a moment..
And then I promise... after that, I'm all yours again.
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