March 24th, 2001


My house is a mess, and my cat eats plastic

I helped Saithe-chan and lin-chan read some stuff on a duel jewel BBS the other day. I had no idea my Japanese was so rusty. I guess I need to go and translate some more songs.
I got some interesting stuff in the mail today as well. Some people decided that I need a Jesus video. I wonder what I should do with it. It seems almost sacreligious to burn it or throw it away. Maybe I'll mail it to some random person on campus.. MWAHAHAHAHAHahhah
Or maybe I'll mail it to masako-san.. heh heh heh
I also got a package from Germany today! Waiwai!
Kenji-kun sent me some CDs and a tape ^..^ I really want to listen to the tape, but I don't know if I can find my tapeplayer. ^..^** This is embarrassing, considering how I've asked Tokio-san to make me a Cali-Gari tape. I need to find my tape-player! lol.
I'm listening to the 2 CD singles from Germany now.. The girl in Das Modul has a *really* squeaky voice. I suppose it matches the cute nature of the song, though.. and in contrast.. a fairly hentai song from Wumpscut (yay!)
Today's been slow and laid-back. I'm probably going to stick around here for another hour or so and try to win some cels.. then I'll go play some more Onimusha for the PS2- It's a very good game, but hard.
I also went to rock-a-bowl last night. The bowling alley does this every fri. night at Midnight, I think.. They turn all the lights ou, turn on some colored lights and dance lights, and play rock music really loud. It's neat, except for when they play rap.. Crap... Nasty..
anyways.. I got a 91 on my first game and a 33 on my second. I'm a horrible bowler. :(
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    Das Modul CDS- Fruhlingsgefuhle ^..^** spelling.. ahhhh