March 18th, 2001


Odd story here...

Once there was a miko of Kyo who won a very very cheap bid on a cel of Alcyone. It was a close-up shot of her in extreme pain, and it was good.
Life was wonderful, the payment was made and received, and she waited for her cel.
And waited.
And waited.
And waited.
She thought it would never arrive, so she sent nasty mail to the seller and waited for a reply.
And waited.
And waited.
And waited.
Nothing happened. So, the miko sent another nasty letter and waited to see what would happen.
The very next day, she revceived a reply saying hte seller had lost my address, and that the package had been returned. Because he was from Japan, there was a chance for misunderstanding. he said that the package apparently had gotten damaged in some way, and the address was no longer legible. It was ok, though, because the Miko was assured that it would be sent again, at the seller's expense, and arrive within a week.
Miko waited.
A week passed. Friday came and went, and there was no fun mail.
Saturday was a holiday, so no mail was expected.. however.. when she arrived home from work, she opened the door and stepped on somthing crinkly in the dark.
Oops. heh
Well, Miko opened the package from Japan. It was the Alcyone cel, ne?
The Alcyone cel was no where to be found.. in it's stead, however... lay a peice of delicious Zagato. Yummy bishounen Zagato in a closeup. Hime-chan felt like crying. Here arises the mental turmoil and action of the story. Hime-chan received the wrong cel. Does she email the seller like an honest person, or does she keep the gorgeous cel? Room-mate of hime, and boyfreind-of hime remind her that the seller had spoken of damages, and that the seller probably knew what he was doing.
Damn... Zagato's animated porn. Right there behind Sugizo. Damn. It's such a pretty cel... Damn.. if I were to sell it on would fetch... damn.... lots of money... damn...but I wouldn't part with it.. no! Never would I have dreamed to own such a cel.
The Miko put the cel& sketch into her cel-book and decided to email the seller after all... and now she waits...

BTW- It's from episode 19.. Zagato's last episode. It's from right after Emeraude heals his wounds.. and he asks why... Very big close up on face.. so pretty.. there was so much cropped in the screen-shot! aahhhhh.. Zagato-sama....
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