March 10th, 2001



The costume is done. We had to add about 3 inches to the bottom of the pants, but sing they're going to get tied up with wrappings anyway, it shouldn't matter too much. It's going to look really good. It may not look really good on me.. but the costume kicks ass. We need to finish the headband, but we're going to have to wait a few hours so my hair can dry. If you have no clue as to what character I'm cosplaying, go to, and click on anime websites in the A-B section and scroll down to Basara
There's a character sketch here:
Sarasa line picture
And there's a color picture here:
A Decent color picture
And yet another here:
You really need to see this anime

sure.. it's absolute horrid Shoujou manga art turned anime...
the art's really not bad.. the manga watercolors are very pretty.. but it's so.. shojou!
Ack...It'll make you cry...If you watch this first, and then Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon... The desert scenes will make you cry even more...^..^ ::sniffle:: And I hate chick flicks.. but I LOVE this series!

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Minna o korosu.... oh.. wait.. wasn't that.. Minna kurushii?

It's only 10 pm here... everyone is asleep... and I am feeling evil.
I'm listening to some Cali Gari I DLed off Napster. I wanted to try them out a few weeks ago, but never gt around to listening to the MP3s.. I wish I knew how to type the negative symbol between Cali and Gari. I suppose I don't deserve to be a fan of things I can't spell.. Like Plur's previous incarnation:
D'avidshi)to'al..or somthing similar at least..
There. I can't be a fan.
I must be a poser. All posers must die. Therefore, I must die.
That was the correct form of a syllogism. Huzzah. I'm listening to this Cali GAri track. It's a fake radio program.. It's called Drama [kimi ga saku yama] The last thing I need to hear tonight is a man speakign in an incredibly high-pitched voice while saying "iku"...My nose will rupture and I shall bleed to death.
...(ah... gackt[<<--not high-pitched]....)
G'haaa >..< It's pretty funny, none the less.. and I feel like going "kekekekeke" a lot now... There is someone in the background making that noise, and for some reason, it is making me giggle.
I've been havign a difficult time enjoying my "vacation" I need somthing to look forward to. I have A-kon this summer.. but it is not.. hm.. long-term. The only thing I can think of that is long-term is death.. but what comes before that? There must be somthing there for me.. There have been a lot of christians about lately trying to convert me. Apparently because I'm Christian, but not THEIR type of Christian, I'm going to hell. I hope hell's an interesting place, because I'm bored to death right now.
*Genki....Ogenki desu ka?
-Genki ja nai
*koroshi ageru
-yokatta, ne....
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