March 2nd, 2001


C'mon.. You know you want me... Don't try to deny it. Yeah. Whatever. ::dies::

You have a good imagination, and often exhibit sensitivity to others.

You are inclined to change your mind about things fairly often.

You are a warm hearted person, with much love to give. You probably like children, and exhibit many playful characteristics.

There may be times in your life when you give in to feelings of sadness or depression.

You are likely to make decisions based on intuition or feelings rather than intellect.

You are naturally charming and inclined to be flirtatious. One possible character flaw is a tendency to be inconsistent or untrustworthy. You may have to work to develop more consideration and cooperation.

There are inconsistencies in your energy level, possibly triggered by external factors or emotional changes.

You may suffer from low energy, allergies, or some kind of chronic health problem. This probably occurs mainly when you are under stress or at certain times of the year. You are strong enough to overcome this.

You are likely to make many changes in the direction of your life. This may be based on interruptions due to health problems, or it may be that you just have trouble focusing your energy.

No matter what other factors influence your personality, there is an under lying sense of practicality that you can draw on if you wish.

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