February 25th, 2001


Must I update? lol

Tired.. sleepy.. I need to rest.. but I'm getting the social interaction I crave right now...I'm lucky enough to be talking to 2 LJ users via IM right now, and it's great. Don't tell anyone, but I have a great craft project planned out. I'm making myself an Alucard Plushie!! Actually, I'm making two.. I'm making one as a favor to a special someone that can get the rigth plush material for my dolls. If I can get what I need to make these dolls look awesome... ^.^ I'll be so happy! That's why I'm willing to make her one.. help for getting hard-to-find material here! You'd think you could get plush material anywhere.. but noooo....
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    Malice Mizer-Shi no Buto