February 22nd, 2001


Take on my acid trip in bannana-shaped pajamas

Is it strange of me to think about you in my spare time? I may not know you in real life, but I still think about you. I think about your problems and wonder how you're doing. I think about how lonely you feel, and wonder if you'd still feel lonely knowing that a stranger, hiding behind a picture that looks nothing like herself, is thinking about you...and caring. Would you feel better?
Last night, I was thinking mostly about differnt types of hate. K- I know you hate women. I wish you wouldn't hate me. Even though you are not addressing me personally, I spend a lot of time worrying about you.. and hating myself for it. If I told you I was hurting, would that make you happy? In your mind, have you come closer to your goal, whatever it may be? If I were to suddenly sprout a penis and testicles, would I be ok? I think about you a lot... more than you could imagine. I'm sorry you hate me.

S- Your site isn't crappy... It's very nice for a first try. You should have seen mine.. it was really lame. Yours at least has content and moving pictures and neat scrolling test. It *is* however, missing one thing... You haven't linked my website, The Shrine of Perpetual Insanity, to yours! :P I'll link you next time I update my page. I can't say when it will be, becasue I jsut finished unifying the format for the majority of the page. You should check out the links section, though.. it kicks ass...

And on a different note: I hfound somthing that could be quite interesting:
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