January 25th, 2001


Today Just sucked. Really.

Hmm... class wasn't too bad, but everyone seemed to have a bad day today. Matt got called by the Baylor Police, and had to show up at 1 pm... by the time he finished, I was too damn hungry to go grocery shopping, so I just went home and ate... I've been kind of lonely today, and my room mate and I were going to watch movies together... but you should hear about her shitty day... and the reason she didn't come over!!
She expected to be @ the house around 7 or so.. and I get a phone call right before 8. She sounded really worked up, and I could tell somthing was wrong right away... Well.. Just a few WEEKS AGO She got a brand new car stereo in her car, and today, some Asshole smashed the back window of her car and stole the stereo!! They tried to steal the car, too. I can't beleive that happened to her!! >:( I am so seriously pissed off for her. I wosh I could KILL whoever did it. It was a GREAT CD player....not to mention the fact that if she had any one of her Japanese CDs in there, she's just been put out 35 extra bucks. I'm glad they didn't STEAL her car.. but what happened was so incredibly shitty I can't beleive it myself. I would buy her a new window and stereo if I could afford it.. I'm just glad that the rainy season stopped... >:/
I feel really bad for her... :(
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