January 21st, 2001


I am the Queen of cheese, you dumbasses!

I'm not normally sciable on AOHell. I usually just tell everyone to bugger off.. but lately I've been more active. It's a nice change. I've been commissioned by wareyasui to make a doujinshi.. it's secret project "over 18 only"..heh.. proof must be shown to view it if/when I finish!! >..< It's going to be interesting..... I wonder how graphic I should make it....(those of you who know about it, don't give it away!) I have a few scenes planned out already :)
Pleasant surprise- I am now the proud owner of a Subaru Sumeragi plush doll from X! (it's not Tokyo-babylon era Subaru- no big, cute eyes, and no hat... grumpy looking subaru=Xmovie subaru..heh...There's also an X tag, but hey..)
BTW- if you have a romanized track list of MM's Voyage, it'd be a big help..thanks. :)
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