January 20th, 2001


Almost sexy....

Hmm.. It's a Baiser time for everyone!! I love Basier.. Tell me... Why don't I own any albums yet?? What's wrong with me?!?!? Prolly all the $$$ I've been spending on Ebay lately.. heh
I found an article for a art show by Ayami sensei along with another artist I'd never heard of. There were three pictures there, and it made me happy. Ayami Kojima is my GODDESS. Even more so than Yoshitaka Amano. Ayami sensei is the person who did the art for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.. and it's been damn impossible to find any more art, other than game art and mini-comic art. PLEASE... O-NE-GA-II.. I beg of you.. if you have ANY websites or art pertaining to her.. OTHER THAN the castlevania art.. I MUST know...
Incidentally.. My current LJ icon is the succubus from Castlevania:SotN- Yay for Ayami sensei!!!
I'm working on scanning in a picture for you now, so you can see what I'm talking about, but I'm afraid it's not going very well. The pictuer in the magazine is rather small.. so I figured if I scanned it in at 200% at an insanely high dpi, it'd be fine, but the comp is wigging out from too much to think about. I may just try again and not set my sights so high. Heh.... well.. if you see a picture in my next lj entry, you know it worked!
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