January 19th, 2001


Try to defeat my 5-billion brain crystal *A-ho*-barrier!!

Heh.. "Photon: The Idiot Menace" is a great anime... They run everything off of a magical force called "A-ho." Cracks me up... The Japanese word for magic is "Maho," and a southern dialect swear word for asshole is "A-ho," so I get a kick out of it.
Like in Toy story 2... there's a Japanese pun.. sort of... I cracked up when Dom DeLuise said it.. but everyone thought I was..how do you say... DUMB....... dom's character was talking to some Japanese guys over the phone and said 'Yeah, Yeah, Don't touch my moustache" I thought it was funny, because the Japanese phrase for 'don't mention it' is Dou itashimashite..heh.
Ah well! So it goes.
I spent more $$ today.. I don't have a whole lot, but... hell.. I got these Beanie Nightmare before Christmas dolls... It's Lock, Shock, and Barrel... beanie version with glow-in-the-dark masks that fit onto thier faces. I like them a lot! They're sitting next to my computer right now staring at you... heh heh heh
I got to talk to the paradox boi, pricess ryo last night on AIM. It was really nice. :) We had a good conversation last night. I got to talk to wareyasui a little bit, too... but he/she always leaves in the middle of conversations..heh
I also bought a fluffy duck-down coat today. They were having a sale at some store in the mall, and a freind of mine bought this really nice coat. I didn't get to go buy one right away.. but I managed to go today. There were only 3 left, and all burgandy, but I think burgandy is a good color on me, so I got one anyway. They were $90.00 coats marked down 70%, so I got it for 27.00. Not a bad deal... and I needed a warm coat anyway. I kinda wish I'd gotten to go sooner, because the saleslady said there were all sorts of other colors earlier. I would have liked to get a silver or purple one.. and the blue one my freind bought is really very pretty. I like the one I got, though, and it looks nice and warm. It feels nice......Since it's still been pretty cold out, I'll probably end up trying it out pretty soon. The sleeves zip off, too...don't know why I'd want to zip them off, though.....
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