January 15th, 2001


Yet I want to be GENKI.........

I think I blew up Wareyasui's computer.... I tried to link him/her to my website because he/she IMed me and was interested in seeing a picture of my horrid, horrid hair... Then wareyasui called my computer baka, and crashed... ^..^*** Gomen Nasai!!!!!!!!
If you're terribly interested, there are now 4 pictures of me on my webpage. Links are smack-dab in the middle of the index. I think that's a good place for them for now... maybe I'll put them in the empty "me" section later. Warning, though.. 2 are Kyo cosplay pictures, and 2 are halloween. There ARE no decent pictures of me without makeup currently..heh..
Actually, if you go to my "links" section, and find the one that talks about the shrine on the net dedicated to me, there's a studio-quality photo of me up there. :) I forgot about that. ~..^ Kinda 'scary, though. Just a freindly warning.

Yeah.... I haven't been on the journal lately... Lots of things going on. I got to see a GREAT movie in dallas, though. It's a Chineese flik called "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." It's got a great plot and decent SFX. If you liek cheesey kung-fuu, this movie is for you. If you like romance, and shojou manga, this is also for you.. lol. I really liked it, though. We saw it in this really old theater. It was an old 50's movie theater that was renovated. It got a new stereo system and new seats, etc. If you're in Tx, or in the dallas area, it's called the Inwood Theater, and they usually play foreign films and low-budget indies-type stuff. They played mononoke hime there because no place else would play it... stuff like that.. While we were there, they were also playing Akira Kurosawa's "RAN" It's a great place. I saw a preview for a John Malkovitch/Nicholas Cage movie that will probably never make it to theaters... It's called Shadow of the Vampire. Nick CAge directed it and it has J. Malkovitch (He's cool! :D) in it. It's about the making of the old 1929 Nosferatu movie. It looks pretty funny...
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