January 11th, 2001


No caffeine for meeeee....

Ick.. I had to work yesterday, and HAD to leave early. I was thinking about going to the doctor all day, and just couldn't wait when I got to the last part of work. I'm glad they let me off... So.. I was able to head tot he university health center, and see a nurse even though it was 9:00. The best thing about the university health center is you don't need to pay or fill out paperwork. I think you only pay if you need to see a doctor...which is what I'm going to do today at 3:15 anyway.. but I didn't need to pay for the nurse visit. I think I also get a discount on pharmacy stuff, too... I should!! This scholl is too expensive >..< I have some things to dig up for various web people today. I think I even have a few things for you, too. I did draw you a picture at work, and I want to upload it. If you could tell me how to display a picture in my livejournal, that would be wonderful ^..^ Otherwise, you'll just have to go to my livejournal resource page after I get everything updated. I still have so many more pictures to scan.. I think I'll do the new stuff today as well as one of my favorites from one of the old sketchbooks.... it's of this woman who turns into a harp and is being played by a fallen androgenous angel-type creature. I like it quite a bit, and lightly did some coloring with watercolors... not much, though, mind you.. so don't expect a whole lot. :) It might look really nice inverted, though.. I mean, I really like the way that Hinoto turned out.
Well... gotta go bruth the ol'teeth and get ready to go out and about again. I'll talk to you soon. ;)
Oh.. and don't mind me if I play with my livejournal pictures a bit. I thought you'd get a kick out of this shinji fanart I found on the web....heh heh heh

What??? There's not an "EVIL" meed to choose?!? Not fair!!!
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