December 6th, 2000



Perhaps there is hope for A-kon. I think I can make myself into a pretty good Sarasa in her Tatara costume from Basara. (Enough 'aras' for you??) Because there is an increasing number of pictures I want to share with you, I'm going to make a new section on my website for you. From my site, you can look at pictures I'll post there pertaining to my posts here. For example: I'll be putting up my Kyo cosplay pictures... perhaps even a "normal" picture of me.. and some Sarasa/Tatara Basara pictures so that you can see what I'm talking about if you don't know already. Even though it's very shojou, it has Rouage's Endless Loop for an opening theme, which gets it brownie points right away, ne? The series is pretty good, I think... I can see a few parallels with Fushigi Yuugi (Drama, use of the 4 chineese gods, etc) but in general, it has that horrid manga art you see in the fold-outs in asuka comics that are so scary.. you know... people with crooked eyes and really big mouths. It's not really that bad, though... Hell, I probably couldn't make a whole manga. Maybe I could.. I've never tried. I don't know.
that's another thing I want to do. I want to start posting my art on my website. I think the first thing I'll do is post my chibi J-rockers as a homage to you, kijima :)
Arghh.. my cat is frustrating.. he wants to eat everything... maybe I'll post him on my site, too...
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VAmpire Princess Miyu-- Please help!

Arghh... >..< I need help from someone who's familiar with both the OAV and TV series...

Remember the OAV epp with the marionette girl? The shinma that turned the pretty people into those scary dolls that Gackt likes so much? Well, this guy had a cel of her on ebay... said her name was Ranka...I beleive that... I think it was the name they used to seal her.


I haven't seen the last 2 tapes of the VP Miyu TV show, but I have a cel of the Ice chick& the scary talking doll. I was under the impression that the girl's name was Reiha and the doll's name was ranka (Though I suspect the doll is actually the shinma, and the girl, the puppet..)
Well, every website I visit has Reiha labeled as ranka. Are my suspicions correct, and that's what everyoen is going by, or is she really reiha, and the doll ranka, and everyone is just sexist? Grraarrhhh.. so confused... please don't make me pull out my tapes....

~~Ranka/Lanka Reiha/Leiha Too many too brain will 'splode
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