November 25th, 2000



I wish that "genki" was an emotion option. I'd use it, I think.
Matt bought me a present today. It's the EA computer game, The SIMS. It's pretty funny.. you get to mess w/people's lives. It's pretty tough, though... I don't know why people would think it would be lucrative to package a game about the hardships of life and romance, but they did, and it was popular... I suppose they took a cue from the boardgame LIFE... but in life, you couldn't make the Grim Reaper a member of your family, or have Pinhead (Hellraiser series) or Edward scissorhands living underneath the same roof together (and having to get a job, no less!) I haven't tried to get 2 men to fall in love yet.. but I'm working on it. One of the best parts of the game is the fact that it's so customizable. Not only is there an expansion out, but there are MANY people online that make items and "skins" (extra people, like frankenstein, pinhead, and Edward--along with the cast of gilligan's island.. pretty messed up, if you ask me0 and even windows and textured walls. It's very cool. One guy, who made a chimp to go along w/the gilligan's island set had problems when the families decided to have children... When the parents decided to "pupate" (Yes.. that's the term they used) a child, they randomly roll for appearance... now because the frame for the monkey was basically that of a small child, sometimes the offspring would end up with the head of a monkey.. pretty damn funny, if you ask me..heh
Also.. I've finally got the scanner up and working (sort-of) so I may be updating my website again soon. No promises (Not like you'll be waiting w/baited breath or anything...) but I may get a section or two of my fanart up there. I have some Chibi J-Rockers of my own ^..^ (Thanks to Kiji-kun, who inspired me to scribble more thanks to Chibi-shock)
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