November 16th, 2000


New stuff

I'm driving down to Austin tomorrow to see my mom. I haven't seen her since Christmas... too busy w/school& all... I wonder what's going to happen. We don't have a bad relationship or anything like that, but... I'm sure we'll just make polite conversation and touch base about family matters, etc. It's strange... since I've left home, I'd swear my mom and I are closer than we've ever been in the past.

More new stuff & a lecharous Yoda

Oh yeah.. you guys see the new livejournal option? You can save some of your more memorable entries and list them by keyword, etc... How interesting ^..^

PS- Matt got a YODA furbie the other day.. this thing is so goddamn funny..if you turn him upside-down and spin him around, he says "Fun this is not! Put me down you will!" lol
It also comes with a light sabre, and he can train you to be a jedi knight. He doesn't learn language like the other furbies do, though.. He's limited, but he does have 450 words. It's kind of funny... I guess you can't teach him to say dirty things, though... I mean, who'd want a Yoda that said "Fishnets I like. Your clothes you will take off!" Oh wait..... I bet there's a market for that......
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